Hello Internet!

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Hello Internet!

My name is Amy, and I’m a huge bookworm/ slight technophobe who is finally taking the plunge and starting a blog to speak about middle grade/young adult books and meet other people who love them as much as I do.

My blog is named GoldenBooksGirl as I have two Golden Retrievers (called Shimmer and Sapphire), who are the other major part of my life apart from books. My plan for this blog is to join in with memes that I’ve followed on other people’s blogs for years, and to post my own reviews/book hauls/general musings.

I also love music, TV and photography (mainly of my dogs and pretty flowers), all of which I will probably end up posting about from time to time.

If anyone is reading this, I would be super grateful if you could leave a comment so I know I’m not speaking to myself (always a fear) and also, thank you for reading in the first place. I hope you’ll join me as I get started in the world of book blogging ❤


Author: goldenbooksgirl

Middle grade/young adult book blogger

5 thoughts on “Hello Internet!”

  1. All the very best with your Blogging journey, Amy, am sure you will enjoy the whole process & link up with so many like minded souls along the way. I am a very, very, very mature adult !!!, but have lived much of my life buried in books, so I understand your passion for the written word & of course Golden Retrievers!! I hope to follow your blog even though the books are not as suitable for my age bracket( to say the very least!! ) . Good luck

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