Top Ten Tuesday: My Favourite Fathers/Father Figures in Books

Hello everybody!

Today I’m taking part in another Top Ten Tuesday (created by and hosted at The Broke and the Bookish ). Today’s theme is anything connected with Father’s Day, so I’ve decided to write about my favourite fathers and father figures ( the latter mainly because so many parents are killed off/disappear in children’s and YA fiction, and I couldn’t find 10 fathers I genuinely love).

In no particular order…

  • Richard from the Geek Girl series by Holly Smale – Harriet’s dad in these books is one of my favourite things about them. He’s funny (sometimes ridiculously so), but also really cares for his family and does everything he can for them. Also, his relationship with Harriet’s stepmum Annabel is fantastic and just so well-written. Fun fact: he’s based on Holly’s own dad, which she mentioned at her show at the Edinburgh Book Festival last year.
  •  Charles from Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell- Charles isn’t Sophie’s real dad in this book, but he’s still an incredible father figure. He goes above and beyond to help Sophie find her mum, and I love how ahead of his time he is (thank you for writing him like this Katherine!) and his dry, witty remarks make me laugh every time I reread  . He also has some very quotable lines, my very favourite of which is ‘Never ignore a possible’ , which I think is very valuable advice for everyone outwith the book as well as all the people in it.
  •  Uncle Calvin from Lauren St John’s Laura Marlin Mysteries- Calvin Redfern takes in his orphaned niece and quickly becomes the closest thing to a parent she’ll ever have. He tries to protect her from the Straight As, he gives her an amazing life despite him not being that rich, and I loved unravelling the mystery of his past in the first few books. He’s also quite funny, in a dry, sardonic way that really appeals to my sense of humour and I’m so excited to see more of him in the 5th book, which comes out in September (4 years after the last one)
  •  Lord Hastings and Mr Wong from the Murder Most Unladylike mysteries by Robin Stevens – Daisy’s dad Lord Hastings is one of the best parts of Arsenic for Tea (he’s so delightfully eccentric!) and I really liked Hazel’s in First Class Murder too (even though he tried to stop Daisy and Hazel from solving the murder), so I’m very pleased he’ll be back in book 6, along with all the other members of Hazel’s family we haven’t met yet.
  • Jasper from the Girl Who Walked On Air by Emma Carroll- Jasper isn’t in most of the book, but I adore him when we do see him. He’s so sweet and level-headed, and his love for Louie, who was abandoned at his wagon when she was a baby, shines through and influences how she reacts to the challenges she faces throughout the book.
  • Sirius and Lupin from the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling- While Harry doesn’t have his own dad in the books thanks to Voldemort being evil, he does have the next best thing in his father’s best friends. They’re loyal and caring and true friends to Harry, as well as being a little bit rebellious and encouraging Harry to break a few rules now and then( although Sirius is much more guilty of this than Lupin), and they both really contribute to Harry as a character.
  • Watson Brewer from the Babysitters Club-  Kristy’s multi-millionaire stepdad is by far my favourite parent of the club members, mainly because he’s ALWAYS there for Kristy, unlike her real dad. He was there when she wouldn’t accept him as part of her family (and won her over with love, not money), and there through everything else she dealt with throughout the series. He doesn’t have to love Kristy, but he chooses to, and that’s why he’s my favourite parent of all the girls every time he appears when I reread.
  • Charles Vega from the My Sister the Vampire books- it’s really hard to write about Charles without giving spoilers away, especially for the early books (which I think are really excellent mysteries as well as fun contemporaries/Vampire stories), so all I’m going to say is that he’s enigmatic and mysterious, really grows as a character and that I totally love his relationship with Ivy and Olivia.

Do you agree with my choices for this? Who are your favourite fathers or father figures? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl

Amy x



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