Harry Potter Moment of the Week: The Character I’d Save from Death

Hello everyone!

Today I’m writing another post for the fantastic Harry Potter of the Week meme, hosted at Lunar Rainbows.

Today’s prompt is to write about which character you’d save from death (which does mean that there will be SPOILERS, so please don’t read on if you haven’t read the series and you want to).

This, as any fan knows, is an incredibly difficult question to anseer. I could make a case to bring so many back from the dead; Cedric Diggory, killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or Lupin and Tonks, whose lives were taken before they got to raise their son or Dumbledore, a character I can only describe as wise, eccentric and extraordinary.

What about Dobby and Hedwig, killed for simply being loyal to Harry? Their deaths were truly senseless, and I shed tears every time I read those parts of the books. I’d really want to save them as well as the person below, actually (sorry for cheating, but it’s such a tough question I have to!)

But the death that I hate so much I have to skip the scene where it happens is that of Sirius Black’s. Sirius is my favourite character of the full series for many reasons. He’s funny, he’s the closest thing Harry has to a dad and I’m a little bit in love with him (in the books, not the films).

Which character would you save from death? What do you think of the 3 people I’d save? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on my Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl.

See you soon with a new post 😊

Amy x



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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week: The Character I’d Save from Death”

  1. Great piece. I agree with Sirius, I was so upset that he was killed off. And Tonks was one of my favourites in the books so that one upset me too. The one that really got to me though was Fred. I adore the Weasley twins and couldn’t get over the grief George would have felt.

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