My Top Ten Disney Films

Hi everybody!

Today I thought it might be fun to talk about something else I love except for books; Disney films! Let’s get started 😊

In no particular order…


Brother Bear- This isn’t one if I’ve ever seen on anyone else’s favourites lists, but I adore this film. The animation is stunning, the friendship between Koda and Kenai warms my heart (Koda is one of the sweetest characters ever) and it just has a lovely message.


Zootropolis- This is one of Disney’s latest films, but it’s already on my favourites list. I’ve already seen it about 5 times. The characters are brilliant and their love/hate relationship is hilarious, not to mention the laugh-out-loud funny sloth scene and Mr Big. This will make you laugh, cry and laugh some more by the time you’re finished and the reveal of the villain was actually pretty surprising.


The Aristocats- If for nothing else (and there are lots of things to love about this film, trust me) watch this for the fabulous ‘Everybody Wants to be a Cat’. I want to dance just thinking about that song!


Bolt- Even though this is really hard to watch as I love animals and the sad parts make me sob, this is just a lovely film. Bolt is one of my favourite characters ever and I just love the story. Plus, the song that plays over the end credits is beautiful.


Pocahontas- This film has utterly captivating animation, the soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful and the love story is epic. It also features one of my favourite Disney sidekicks, Meeko the raccoon.(And the little pug too!) 


Finding Nemo- I didn’t love Nemo the 1st time I saw it, but I completely adored it when I  watched it last year before going to the cinema to see Funding Dory. Nemo is a lovely character, and this is just a super sweet film. Fun fact: CJ from the West Wing (Allison Janney), voices one of the fish Nemo meets in the fishtank.


Lady and the Tramp- I think the picture above says it all. This film is just a delight from start to finish!


Frozen- This is another fairly new Disney film, but it’s magical. I’ll admit my favourite part of this film is Olaf (he is probably my favourite ever sidekick, I just love him), but some of the soundtrack is phenomenal and I love that this is more about love between sisters than romantic love.


Bonus pick- Bambi. This isn’t as zingy or in your face as modern Disney films, but I love how gentle it is. If you want a heartwarming, lovely film with animals that you can properly just relax with, watch Bambi. You won’t regret it!

Now for my joint favourite Disney films.


Tangled- This marked a huge occasion for Disney, their 50th film, and I think this more than rises to the occasion. This has everything you could want from a Disney film; a great heroine, a love interest with an actual personality/plot of their own, a love story based on friendship, an evil villain, good songs (I especially love the Grace Potter song which plays on the end credits) and not one but TWO hilarious sidekicks in Maximus and Pascal.


The Lion King- This is a masterpiece. I honestly think of words to describe how special this film is. Simba is a total sweetheart of a protagonist and I love his development throughout the film from a young cub to a brave lion. Scar is so menacing that I even get a bit quivery watching him (and ‘Be Prepared’ is the best villain song which exists.). Just writing this makes me want to rewatch, so I think I might go and do that actually ! 

So there you have it, my top ten Disney Films! This was unbelievably tough to pick, so I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it 😊. I’d love to know yours, so please do leave me a comment or let me known on my Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl.

See you soon with a new post!

Amy x




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24 thoughts on “My Top Ten Disney Films”

  1. I can get on board with most of these (except Bambi, I am not a Bambi fan!) but I CANNOT believe Aladdin and My Little Mermaid don’t feature! And also, Robin Hood! And Up. And…
    Yeah, ok. There are too many! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You don’t like Bambi?! But how can you resist all the adorable animals? The Little Mermaid only very narrowly missed out, I promise (and will feature in the favourite Disney songs I’ll do if this one is popular! X


  2. Bambi is a beautiful film isn’t it? Although I can’t watch it too much as it makes me sad! I’ve not watched Brother Bear but I keep meaning to! Classics: my faves are Peter Pan (obviously) & Alice in Wonderland. But I also love Finding Nemo, Brave and Tarzan!

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  3. Bolt made me cry like a baby when I first saw it!
    Tangled will always be one of my favorites! I recently made my mom sit down and watch it because she had never seen it and I think she enjoyed it!
    Despite people turning on it due to the hype, I actually really love Frozen. I’m not afraid to say that I would watch it over and over and listen to the soundtrack all day if I could! I think it was just such a surprise for me because I didn’t expect it to be any good when I first went to see it with my friend years ago.


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