Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Loved But Will Never Reread

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m going to be taking part in Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by Jana of That Artsy Reader Girl, for which the theme today is books I loved but (probably) won’t re-read (leaving that nice and open for myself, because there are a couple I would consider rereading in the future πŸ˜‰). Like last week, I ound this quite a tricky topic to come up with books for, so I’ve only managed to come up with eight. Onto the post!

The Last Wild trilogy by Piers Torday– I loved this dystopian MG trilogy, focusing on a world where all animals are either dead or dying, and a group tryingto survive with the help of children called Kester and Polly, but at the same time they were so difficult to read. The animal characters were just incredible (my favourites are Rat and Wolf Cub, if you are a fellow fan) and the constant threat of their survival made me so upset, and the deaths hit me hard. There was a scene in book 2 I had to skip because I couldn’t cope. I love them, but I don’t think I could put myself back on that rollercoaster.

Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan– this was my absolute favourite book at one point, but after reading another by the author I disliked so much I couldn’t finish it, I’m worried I wouldn’t enjoy this anymore. I’ve decided to keep my pleasant memories instead.

Smart by Kim Slater- Smart focuses on a boy called Kieran, who lives with a domestic abuser (his mum’s partner), as he attempts to solve the murder of a homeless man. It was a diffcult, emotional read as some scenes with his mum’s partner were brutal, and the animal abuse was awful. Looking back, I can also barely remember a mystery, so I don’t plan to reread this both because it’s so heartwrenching and also I have a feeling I’d be more frustrated with the lack of mystery.

The Summer of Telling Tales by Laura Summers– I read this last year, and as much as I adored it I wouldn’t pick it up again. Like Smart, it focuses on domestic violence, and it was such an intense, tense reading experience, which I spent in tears from a few pages in until the very last.

The Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter– I got the books I’ve read in this series from the library, and I thought they were amazing. The worldbuilding was so clever. That said, I doubt I’ll reread them as it seems quite expensive to buy the first six book set, not to mention the other later story arcs!

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate– this was gorgeous, and it made me weep. I don’t think I’ll reread this, and I’m hugely reluctant to pick up the author’s first book the One and Only Ivan as it looks utterly heartbreaking.

Trash by Andy Mulligan– This is set in a third world country, and it discusses the realities of that life. It’s an eye-opening, tough read packed with emotion, and though I won’t be reading again I do recommend it.

A book I wish I knew the name of– the fact that I don’t know what this book IS is the main reason I won’t be rereading. I read it when I was quite young in the summer holidays and it was about a magical museum run by someone called Madge (I think). I seem to remember it was made up of different short stories, and I definetely remember a dragon. If I ever find it, I’ll totally reread.

Thank you so much for reading! Do you have any idea what the mystery book could be? What did you think of these books? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy xxx

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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Loved But Will Never Reread”

  1. WARRIOR CATS! Oh my, I hardly know anyone who shares my love for that series and I’m SO excited that you liked them too. I managed to find the first six quite cheaply on eBay a few years ago, and my mum bought me the second set of six as a gift, so I’m planning to reread all of those eventually… Not sure if I’ll ever find the energy to carry on with the third, fourth or fifth (or maybe even sixth, I have no idea if they’re still going) series-es, but I’d love to rediscover the clans and the friendship between Fireheart and Greystripe ❀
    I will stop rambling about Warrior Cats now… Otherwise I'll be here for weeks!

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  2. There is nothing worse than wanting to revisit an old favourite but you only remember the plot and story of it! This happens to me all the time – I rarely reread books. The only book I reread is Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell.

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  3. Oooh I don’t think I’ve heard of ANY of these books before, I’ll have to look more into them! Although I wish I could help with the last one – mystery books like that just leave me itching to find them ahaha πŸ˜†

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