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Hello everybody!

Today, I’m going to be completing the Pixk n’ Mix Book Tag, which I saw on Kelly’s Ramblings, and decided to do as I really liked the questions. Onto the post!

Fizzy Blue Bottles: They look strange, and they taste strange, but you like them. Name a book or series with a really strange plot that you couldn’t help but love.

I think the plot of the Beetle trilogy- boy befriends beetles and attempts to defeat an evil woman who is obsessed with them- sounds bizarre on paper, but I am in LOVE with them. They’re so well written and fast paced, with phenomenal characters.

The Metre: It goes on forever. Name the longest book series you have read.

Easily the Babysitter’s Club! There must be at least 300, though I’ve not actually read every single one because it would have been ridiculously hard to track them down.

Chocolate Raisins: No amount of chocolate can hide what’s inside. Name a book with a great cover but a disappointing story.

I think this has to be Stormwake. The cover is 😍😍😍, but I didn’t enjoy much about the book at all.

Chocolate Mice: They look sweet, but they’re secretly vermin. Name a book that surprised you with it’s villain. (Be careful not to give spoilers!)

Beyond the Odyssey surprised me so much with revealing a character was evil I did a literal double take at the book because I was so shocked.

Hard Gums: You take a bite but almost break your teeth. What book or series was hard for you to get into?

As you might know, I love Lari Don’s books. However, as I mentioned in my review, I found it a little bit harder to get into the Fabled Beast Chronicles than Spellchasers, but it totally found it’s stride in book two.

Cola Bottles: Some are sweet, some are sour. Name two similar books, one you liked and one you didn’t.

The only thing I can think of here is that I’ve read two books about superheroes this year, and I didn’t enjoy the Squirrel Girl one anywhere near as much as I enjoyed Batman: Nightwalker.

Fried Eggs: Some love them, some hate them. Name a book that matches the way you feel about Fried Eggs.

I do not like Fried Eggs (I only really like gummy bears and friendship rings if we’re being honest), and a book I loathe is We Were Liars. It really is a marmite book; you love it or you hate it, and I fall firmly in that second camp.

Smarties: No matter what you do, they’re everywhere. Name a trend or trope you are tired of reading.

I have to admit tropes don’t really bug me, at least, I can’t think of any that do. The only one I dislike is that Kelly mentioned; boy magically cures disabled/mentally ill girl with his love (and vica versa)

Gummy Bears: Name your favourite fictional creature or animal.

Asking me topick just one is far too difficult! I have a fondness for every single animal Jess Butterworth has written; and a love of animals shines through on every page of When the Mountains Roared so it seems only fair to choose her. The creature would have to be Tuyok from Brightstorm currently.

Pick ‘n’ Mix!: So many sweets, so much variety. Name some of your favourite diverse books!

I love how diverse Alice Oseman’s book Radio Silence is, and Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda!

I tag Louise and Ross, and you if feel like doing this! What are your favourite pick n’ mix sweets? What do you think of the books I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy xxx


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