My Five Favourite Cover Songs

Hello everybody! Today, I thought it’d be fun to talk about some of my very favourite covers that artists I like have done. Onto the post!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (George Ezra)- George has done a variety of amazing covers in the Live Lounge, but I just had to pick this given that I adore it, but detest the original to the point I can’t even listen to it. I love how different this version is, and the fact George often slips the word Ezra into his covers somewhere.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Mayré Martinez and Rafael de la Fuente)- I found this because I love Rafael in Dynasty, and I think this is a fabulous song, even though I didn’t love the original. His voice is wonderful, and at lots of pitches too, and he and Mayré sound beautiful together. I really wish they’d do a few more songs than they already have together.

Psycho (Shawn Mendes) I didn’t expect to enjoy this- I knew it wasn’t the sort of thing I tend to like- but Shawn made it into his style, and I like it a lot. It’s been stuck in my head for days now, as I write this! His cover of Here by Alessia Cara is fab as well!

Riptide (Taylor Swift) this was the first time I’d ever heard this song, and I fell in love with it. I love Taylor Swift during all her eras, and I really love her pop stuff, but if you’re especially into her ballads you should check this out for sure. It’s much slower than Vance Joy’s orginal version, which I also love, which makes it much easier to sing along with!

Somewhere Only We Know (Lily Allen)– I think this song, originally by Keane, is stunning, and this is my favourite version of it. It just sounds utterly beautiful, and the John Lewis Christmas ad it accompanied in 2013 was heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measures, which is how I think of this song. I don’t feel like Lily Allen was the obvious choice to sing it, but for me, she was the perfect one.

What cover versions do you love? Are you a fan of any I’ve mentioned too, or will you maybe check them out after this post? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy xxx


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7 thoughts on “My Five Favourite Cover Songs”

  1. I love a good cover version! I have quite a few of the Radio One Live Lounge albums they released…

    Some of my favourites from those albums are:
    Keane’s cover of U2’s With or Without You
    Jamelia’s cover of Linkin Park’s Numb – which is strange but works!
    Ella Henderson’s cover of James Bay’s Hold Back The River

    I also really liked Adam Lambert’s cover of Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night that he did during Glee

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    1. I adore Live Lounge so much! Had I heard it before I wrote this list, Panic! At the Disco’s version of IDGAF would be on here; I’m in love with it atm. And I am of course obsessed with all of those George Ezra has done 😍
      I love With or Without You, so I shall have to look for that later 💜

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  2. These are really good pick, my favourite song covers are usually pop songs to rock.
    The Sound of Silence by Disturbed (I can’t remember name of the original)
    Zombies by Bad Wolves (a cover of The Cranberries song)
    Rolling in the Deep by Linkin Park (a cover of Adele; I remember everyone hearing this a hearing Chester’s vocal ability and having their socks knocked off!)
    Life on Mars? by Patrick Stump/Fall Out Boy (a cover of David Bowie)

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