The Cliché Book Tag

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m going to be doing the Cliché Book Tag, which I was tagged for by Jenn! Onto the post!


1. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS: A Book That Wasn’t or Couldn’t Be Better Than The Movie

I really didn’t enjoy Paper Towns or the Fault in Our Stars by John Green, but I adore the film versions of both. I don’t feel like the philosophical quotes as everyday speech thing works in text, but it’s much more bearable when actors are saying them.

2. THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE: A Rags to Riches or Riches to Rags Story

Typically, I can think of a ton of films for this but barely any books. The only thing coming to mind is Helen Bailey’s Running in Heels, which is one of her standalones after the Electra Brown series, which I thought was less good but still enjoyable. It’s about Daisy, as her dad is sent to prison and her having to adjust to a far less priveleged lifestyle.

3. THE APPLE DOES NOT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE: A Parent/Child Relationship That You Love

The relationship between Harriet and her parents in Geek Girl is the absolute best, and I adore Richard and Annabel. I think Felix and Stella in The Polar Bear Explorers Club had a really special bond too.

4. YOU CAN’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER: A Good Book That Needs a Better Cover

I adore the series so much, but the 39 Clues books have such dull covers. They’re pretty colours, but the design is boring, bland and pretty generic.

5. YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE: A Book You Hate That Everyone loves

This has to be the Loneliest Girl in the Universe I think. I really, really didn’t enjoy it, and it was easily one of the most hyped books of last year.

6. WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER: What’s a Book That Made You a Better Person For Having Read It

I don’t think there’s any one book for me; I think reading widely and experiencing so many diffferent experiences and worldviews has though. A recent read that fits this is the fantastic Fox Girl and the White Gazelle.

7. IGNORANCE IS BLISS: A Book That Is Bad But You Just Don’t Want to Admit It

I don’t say I enjoyed things I didn’t, so like Jenn, I’m skipping this question.

8. THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT: What is Your Favourite Contemporary Book?

Geek Girl. You probably all know that by now, but it’s not even a choice of books. I love loads of contemporary, but those books hold such a special place in my heart and are just so wonderful I can’t ever envisage a time in the future where I wouldn’t love them.

9. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY: A Book You Don’t Want to Read in Case It’s Bad

I’ve told you quite a few times about my nervousness over the Secret of Supernatural Creek, so I’ll talk about another book instead. After hearing incredibly mixed things, I’ve been procrastinating reading Leah on the Offbeat. Simon Vs is a book I really love, and I don’t want to be let diwn my the follow up.

I’m tagging Amy, who is returning from hiatus soon, and Ross.

What are your favourite clichés/tropes? What are your thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl! A

Amy xxx

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