The Panic! At the Disco Book Tag

Hello everybody! In the last few months, I’ve become a big fan of Panic! at the Disco and today, I’m going to be doing a book tag themed around some of their songs, which I was tagged for by its creator Jess. Onto the post!

1. Death of a Bachelor – A romance book

The last romance that I read at the time of writing this was Theatrical, which was so delightful and cosy . It was set in a theatre, had lots of humour throughout the narration thanks to main character Hope and the slowburning romance was a joy to read, as was the fantastic writing and character development (for Tommy, especially).

2. High Hopes – A book you’re really excited for

I’m excited for lots and lots, but I have two tip top most anticipated releases for the year, and as I mentioned Death in the Spotlight in my last tag post, I’ll say Wundersmith, which is the sequel to Nevermoor. I loved that so much, and I am VERY excited to see what will happen next.

3. Miss Jackson – A book with a betrayal

The betrayal in the Elephant Thief shocked me a lot! The book is about how a chance meeting between a pickpocket and an elephant leads to them trying to walk a huge distance in a week in order to win a bet. Of course, someone is trying to sabotage them, and that’s the betrayal I’m referring to. I was so disappointed in them, because I ad liked them a lot beforehand.

4. Girls/Girls/Boys – A LGBTQ+ book

My favourite LGBTQIA+ book is Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, which is romantic and funny and so enjoyable. It follows a closeted teen called Simon as he comes out, and falls in love with a mysterious stranger called Blue. I seriously ship Simon and Blue by the way 😍

5. I Write Sins Not Tragedies – A book featuring a wedding

Summer’s Dream, which is the 3rd Chocolate Box Girls book, features the wedding of Paddy and Charlotte, whose relationship is the starting point for the whole series when Paddy and his daughter Cherry move in with the Tanberry family in Cherry Crush. This one focuses on Summer as she develops anorexia, and it’s so heartbreaking watching her become more and more dangerously obsessed with her weight. Her romance with the lovely Alfie adds a lot of a light to it though.

6. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time – A book featuring a partying protagonist or a party scene

A Sky Painted Gold, which is a gorgeously written romance set in the 1920s with a fab big family dynamic and a charming, cocky love interest, features so many glamorous themed parties that it just wouldn’t be right not to make it my answer to this. It was a particularly brilliant book for escapism too.

7. Say Amen (Saturday Night) – A book with an unapologetic main character

I really, really struggled with this, and the best I can come up with is Valor from Prisoner of Ice and Snow, because in both that and the sequel I’ve been lucky enough to read super early, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. She’s a brilliant heroine.

8. This Is Gospel – A book from a trilogy

I’ve read several great books from trilogies this year (though I’ve not binged any like I did with Spellchasers last year) and I think the Battle of the Beetles, which was a tremendous ending to a series I’ve loved since it first started, was my favourite. It follows Darkus and his friends/beetles as they continue on their quest to bring down supervillian Lucretia Cutter, and it rounded things off so well for these characters and this story.

9. Emperor’s New Clothes – A hardback that looks beautiful naked

Had I not mentioned Nevermoor already I’d say that because it is STUNNING, but as I have I will say Love from Lexie, which is the first in Cathy Cassidy’s new series following a band full of people who feel like misfits. It was a lovely book, and there was something I absolutely adored about the naked hardback! I actually think it was a hundred times nicer than the dust jacket…

10. Victorious – An empowering book

Moxie is such an empowering book. I really wanted to start some sort of revolution after I finished it. It’s about a girl called Viv as she starts a zine and sparks a protest against her sexist school, and it’s an exhilerating, exciting read as you see that build up to a crescendo.

11. Impossible Year – A really sad book

This can only be Ways to Live Forever, because I well up even at the thought of it. It’s about a boy called Sam who has cancer, as he tries to do all the things he wants to do before he dies. It’s such a well written, touching book, and while I may never reread because it’s broken me several times now, I will always love it.

12. King Of The Clouds – A prize winning book

A few months ago I read Where the World Ends, which was the winner of this year’s Carnegie medal, and while I didn’t love it I did still enjoy it quite a lot.

13. Hey Look Ma, I Made It – A debut author

I feel like I’ve barely read any debuts this year (though I’m not sure if I actually haven’t or just feel like it) , and my favourite has been the magical and atmospheric Baba Yaga retelling House with Chicken Legs, but one I read quite recently that I’d like to mention is Boy Meets Hamster. It’s a very funny romance set in a caravan park, and I had a great time reading it.

I tag Amy-Louise

What’s your favourite Panic! at the Disco song? Do you have any thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy x


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  1. Yes!! Panic! is great! This tag is super cool -love your answers too! Panic! is actually coming to Australia, near where I live later this year!


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