Recommending Books to the Disney Princesses

Hello everybody! Today, I’m doing a post inspired by some blog posts/Booktube videos I’ve seen recently where people recommend books to people based on their Hogwarts house or recommend books to some of the biggest YouTube stars, and I decided I wanted to do something similar for Disney characters. I’m planning for this to be a series, and I’m starting off with the Disney Princesses! Onto the post!

Snow White– my favourite part of Snow White (other than the adorable woodland animals) is the found family aspect with Snow White and the dwarves, so my recommendation to her would be the best book with that I’ve read recently, which is Flying Tips for Flightless Birds. It’s about a boy called Finch, whose family runs a circus skills school, as he attempts to save the school from closure (the people who attend feel very much like a family, even though not all of them are) and also falls in love.

Cinderella– the first thing that comes to mind about Cinderella is, of course, the mice, because I love them, but other than those it’s the ball. While I didn’t love Undercover Princess, I was a big fan of the ball scene and all the preparation Lottie undertakes before it, so that’s my choice for Cinderella. Another reason that swayed me to this one was that it has a few fun homages to this film, such as the main character’s name.

Aurora– taking into account she’s asleep for most of the film, Aurora’s personality doesn’t really shine through. The thing I most remember is the pink/blue dress debate, so my pick for Aurora would be Theatrical. It has both of those colours on the cover, and has some fantastic descriptions.

Ariel– of all the people on this list, Ariel was by far the hardest to think of a book for, which could well be my pennance for me saying I don’t like her that much. So, I’m taking the most obvious route, and picking Lorali, which is about a mermaid beginning a life on land, but I feel like it’s really different to Ariel’s own story and the passages where the sea speaks might remind her of her time as a mermaid, presuming she read it after the events of the film.

Belle– the book I picked for Belle was actually the inspiration for this whole post/series, because I think she’d adore Tilly and the Bookwanderers by Anna James. Belle is so bookish I don’t feel that there would be anything she’d love more than this, as it’s such a celebration of reading and readers.

Jasmine– the thing I love most about Jasmine is how fiesty she is and how determined she is not to let her father decide who her husband will be. I think she’d absolutely love reading about girls still fighting the feminist fight, so the Spinster Club trilogy popped into my head straight away for her.

Pocohontas– my favourite thing about Pocohontas is Colours of the Wind, and a book that features characters trying to protect nature is the Wild Folk, in which Comfrey and Tin must go on a quest in order to protect the mystical Wild Folk and the Country from people who wish to destroy its beauty just to gain power, so that would be my choice for Pocohontas.

Mulan– Mulan’s main trait is bravery, so I’d recommend her Boy in the Tower, because while Ade is brave in a different way, his main goal is to keep his mum safe and make her happy, which is a similar motive to Mulan’s. I absolutely adore Ade.

Tiana– Tiana loves cooking, so Love, Lies and Lemon Pies came to mind straightaway for her. It features recipes throughout, which I’m sure she’d enjoy cooking, and the main characters have to overcome obstacles and diff

Rapunzel– for Rapunzel, I had the opposite issue to Aurora; she has loads and loads of hobbies. So, I was really pleased when I came up with the Chocolate Box Girls series, which has references to/focuses on several including cooking, art and ballet.

Merida– given how amazing she is at archery, I think Merida would love the Prisoner of Ice and Snow books by Ruth Lauren, which is has a heroine who’s very adept at shooting a bow and arrow. Also, I think she’d approve highly of them featuring a queendom!

Disclaimer: I know the next three aren’t part of the official line up, but I’m still including them because it really, REALLY annoys me that they aren’t, especially Anna and Elsa!

Anna- I adore how Anna’s love for her sister drives her actions throughout the film, so I’d recommend her the Awkward trilogy by Beth Garrod. Bella and Jo have a really lovely sisterly relationship, and it provided a lot of my favourite humour in the books.

Elsa- I think Snowglobe would really have helped Elsa when her parents were still alive and she was being isolated, because it would show her there were other people with wintry magic and that she wasn’t alone, even though the specifics of their magic is pretty different.

Moana– for Moana, I wanted a book about a character taking their own path rather than following the one the people around them wanted them to, so The Company of Eight seemed like the perfect choice; it sees Cass take risks and leave behind everything in order to try and join the Circus Boat as an acrobat. I really enjoyed it when I read it!

Which books would you recommend to the Disney Princesses? Would we share any choices? I’d love for you to let me know in the comments, and also to hear what you think of this idea!

Amy x


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12 thoughts on “Recommending Books to the Disney Princesses”

  1. I don’t know some of the newer ones as well, & I haven’t read a lot of these books, but I think your choices for Mulan & Pocahontas are just right. I like your thinking behind Belle too – for the sane reason I’d probably give her Shadow of the Wind.
    BUT – how can you not like Ariel?! She’s my favourite! Not sure what book I’d give her though, I’d have to think…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The main reason is that I absolutely adore Flounder and Sebastian- they’re both among my very favourite supporting characters- and I don’t like how mean she is to them. I don’t hate her though, she’s just not one of my favourites of the princesses! I really love the Little Mermaid as a film though πŸ’œ


  2. I love this idea! And thanks for the suggestions! The only one I’ve read from these is Undercover Princess, so I have heaps to add to my tbr now πŸ™‚

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  3. I absolutely love the idea of this post it’s amazing! I’ve never read any of the books you’ve mentioned but I’m sure the princesses would love them!
    Jess //


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