My Thoughts on Valencia

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on the Valencia EP, which was released recently by one of my favourite artists Into the Ark, which is a duo made up of Taylor and Dane, and I’ve been such a huge fan of them and their music after seeing them on the Voice UK in 2017. I’d heard all but one of these before Valencia was released, but I still wanted to do this post as I’ve never done one for ITA before, as their last release came out before I was doing music posts. Onto the post!

No Place Like Home– this seems to be about a hometown romance, and I love all the references to Wales, which is where Taylor and Dane are from. I also adore the recurring whistling throughout, and it’s great to hear Dane’s voice so prominently as he sings nearly all of the second verse solo. Taylor’s vocals are also phenomenal of course. Prepare for me to say that for basically every song!

Caroline– this became one of my favourite Into the Ark songs the very first time I heard it earlier this year. It has such a haunting, melancholy feel to it, which is very apt given that it’s about someone who emotionally manipulates their partner. Taylor’s performance is so emotive, and I cry almost every time I listen to this. The harmonies in the chorus are just incredible too.

Better than Never at All– this was one of the first of Taylor and Dane’s own songs that I ever heard, so it holds a very special place in my heart (I think Brightest Creatures was the very first, then this). It’s a love song about going from being friends to in a relationship, and the lyrics are so beautiful and loving that it makes me weepy to listen to. It’s just such a lovely love song. The instrumentals of the guitars fit its tone perfectly as well, which makes it even better.

Good Lord– this was the only song I hadn’t heard before this EP was released, and I loved it. It starts off with no backing instrumentals, and then a drumbeat kicks in, and then more and more music is added throughout until the melody becomes much more upbeat. I absolutely adore the writing of this, which I interptet as being about death, and there’s a line towards the end of the first verse (“but everything’s already at your feet and”) that I’m just obsessed with the sound of somehow, even though I couldn’t quite tell you why. I think it’s because I just love how Taylor’s voice is when he sings it! I really wish it was longer, because there’s a lot to like about this song and I’ve love it more thanI already do if it was a little bit longer.

Don’t Roll Your Eyes– this is a song that tells the story of an entire relationship, from them meeting to their breakup, over one of them being constantly too busy for the other. Like all the other songs on this album, the raw emotions really come through, and while I’m not keen on the part where the titular line is sung, I think everything else is great.

Have you heard of Into the Ark before? What do you think of their music, and this EP? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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