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Hello everybody!

Today, I’m going to be doing the Vampire Diaries tag, which I saw on Zoe’s channel (though I think the questions here are slightly different as I googled blog posts doing it when I decided to do it myself!). Onto the post!

WARNING: there are some pretty major spoilers for things like deaths in here, so please proceed with caution if you don’t want to be spoiled for anything.

1. How did you discover the show?- people have been telling me to watch it for YEARS, and I was looking for something addictive to binge watch this year, so finally decided to give it a go.

2. Who is your favorite character?- Jeremy, Damon and Caroline are my top 3, but I also especially love Bonnie, Stefan and Enzo.

3. If you were a vampire, would you live off of human blood or animal blood?- human, but probably via blood bags.

4. Team Stefan or Damon?- while I really like both brothers, I slightly prefer Damon, so I’m team Damon. I also preferred his relationship with Elena to that of Elena and Stefan.

5. What’s your favorite supernatural power?- I’m not entirely sure whether this means the type of supernatural being or an ability they have, but my answer for both meanings would be witches, or being able to cast spells.

6. If you were a character, who would you be?- Caroline, I think, as we share quite a few traits. I’d want to be Bonnie though

7. Have you read the book series? – No, and I’m not planning to.

8. Who’s your crush on the show?- Jeremy, Damon and Tyler.

9. What was your first initial thought of the show and did change after you saw it?- I initially thought I wouldn’t like the show because I’m not often interested in supernatural shows, but it hooked me in pretty quickly and I ended up really liking the characters, their relationships with each other, the worlduilding and how addictive and exciting it was.

10. Who was your favorite villain?- Kai, Katherine and Klaus, in that order. Apparently I like villains whose names begin with a K! I loved Silas too.

11. Have you ever cried during an episode?- many a time. The one that I cried the longest over was the 100th episode. Not so much because of who died, but because of the scene with almost all the main cast in the living room of the Salvatore house when Alaric appears (Jeremy’s reaction broke me). The (AMAZING) twist at the end kind of snapped me out of it though!

12. What death were you most upset about?- I was devestated when Jeremy died (even though I knew he was coming back), and I was also super sad about Alaric (again, even though I knew he’d come back). It killed me when Liz died too, and I was really upset about Enzo.

13. Do you like Elena as a vampire or human?- to be honest, I find her pretty irritating in general, but I found her marginally less annoying as a vampire.

14. Favorite couple(s)?- Bonnie and Enzo, Bonnie and Jeremy and Caroline and Tyler are my top 3.

Do/did you watch Vampire Diaries? What are your thoughts on the series, and do we share any opinions? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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6 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Tag”

    1. They definitely ruined them, it was such a shame! I quite liked her and Stefan, but I wish she and Tyler had got back together. I was pretty furious with what they did to Tyler, he deserved SO much better!

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    1. I just commented on one pf your posts to find out if you’d watched it because I thought you’d like it!! 😂
      I’ve just started the Originals, which I’m enjoying even though I don’t love it just as much

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