Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Want to Dress Up As

Hello everybody! Today, as part of Top Ten Tuesday‘s Halloween freebie week, I’m talking about a few characters (from books, TV and film, because I was struggling to think of more than a couple, which is also why my list is five instead of ten! Some fit into a couple of categories though). Onto the post!

Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova– Katherine is one of my favourite villains from Vampire Diaries, and while I couldn’t rock her stilettos and would be in need of a wig (her clothes might be a tad skintight too!), I’d love to have her dramatic makeup and she’d be so much fun to emulate. Especially if I got to act in character, because Katherine is just so outrageously villainous and all out evil in the absolute best way.

Lucretia Cutter– Lucretia is one of my favourite villains, and I think I’d have a lot of fun dressing up as her. The special effects make-up I’d need would be really fun too (you’ll have to read the Beetle Boy series to find out why I’d need that…)

Snow White– this is the sweetest addition on this list (almost everyone else is a villain, which possibly says something about me…) and I think it’d be lovely (and pretty easy for me as I don’t look THAT dissimilar) to dress up as Snow White. Especially if I got to have woodland animals follow me around!

Edna Mode– my family often tease that I have similar hair to Edna (I WISH it was as swoshy as hers is!) and I think it’d be amazing fun to dress up as her. No capes would be involved in the costume, of course!

Cruella de Vil– I have actually done this a few times before, and it’s hands down my favourite Halloween costume ever. I went for the full effect with a cigarette holder and dalmatian puppy (a stuffed one, it’d have been quite difficult to carry a real one all night!) and it was the best fun. The wig was absolutely boiling though!

Which characters would you most want to dress up as? Have you ever dressed up as a character from something, and if so, who? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

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24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Want to Dress Up As”

  1. OMG yes to Katherine/Katerina, the ultimate bad girl, haha. And also, strangely, I’d like to try Cruella. I think villainesses are much more fun to dress up as actually, especially if you get to emulate them too. Love the pics of your wonderful dog, what a trooper! xx

    Lisa |


    1. Definitely the ultimate bad girl- I love the way Kai described her (I love Kai in general tbh, but I died over him calling her “the myth, the legend, the baddest bitch of them all”. Glad you like the photos of Shim! πŸ˜‚ xx


  2. Aw, Snow White! One of Disney’s original princesses, and always a sweetheart of a character (even when she’s re-imagined as a fierce warrior!).


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