Recommending Books to Mickey and Friends|Disney Recommendations #2

Hello everbody!

Today, it’s time for the second post in my series of recommending books to Disney characters, and the “category” (for want of a better word) I’ve chosen for this second post is the orginal characters from the cartoons; bascially, Mickey and his group of friends. Onto the post!

Mickey Mouse– how does one choose a book for the mouse that launched such a huge company? I think my pick for Mickey is going to be a very recent read of mine that you’ll see my review of this Saturday: the Great Diamond Chase. The thing I remember most about Mickey is that he always helped the people around him and was quite noble, so I think he’d really like reading about the Royal Rabbits of London, who very much share those traits.

Minnie Mouse– when I think of Minnie, my mind immediately goes to fashion, because when I went to Disneyland Paris she had so many costumes and they were all gorgeous. If you know me you can probably guess where this is going, and you’re right. My pick for Minnie is of course Geek Girl, because main character Harriet is a model and there are a lot of weird and wonderful modelling jobs where she gets to wear loads of different clothes.

Donald Duck- my recommendation for Donald might sound a bit odd, but hear me out; I think he’d love the Malory Towers books. Donald, as I’m sure we all know, has rather a fiery temper, and he’d probably really relate to protagonist Darrell for that reason as she has to navigate controlling her temper throughout the series.

Daisy Duck- of all of these characters, Daisy has 100% been the hardest to come up with a book for, simply because I really can’t remember much of her personality, but I do remember her being bossy in some of her cartoon appearances. As such, my choice for her is Murder Most Unladylike, because Daisy from that series is incredibly bossy, especially in that book (she’s mellowed a bit with each book, while retaining some of her bossiness!)

Goofy– my favourite thing about Goofy is his very silly sense of humour, and so because I don’t read many books with that exact style of humour, I think I’d recommend him Lobsters. It’s one of the funniest books I’ve ever read, so I’m sure he’d enjoy it for that. He’d probably also like I Swapped My Brother On the Internet!

Pluto– the main thing I think of when I think of Pluto is how loyal and loving he is to Mickey, and for that reason I think he’d like the Laura Marlin Mysteries series, because Laura has a devoted canine companion called Skye who I absolutely love.

Chip and Dale- these two are among my absolute favourite Disney characters of all time, mainly because they were so cheeky and funny when I met them at Disneyland Paris years ago, and loved to play little tricks on people. Penelope in A Tangle of Magic also has to plot some clever tricks when she’s hunting for her dad, and I think Chip and Dale would really enjoy that book for that reason.

If you want to read my recommendations for the Disney princesses, you can do that here!

Who is your favourite from this group of characters? Are there any books you’d want to recommend them? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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