5 Bookish Items I’d Like To Own

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m taking part in Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by Jana), and today’s theme is bookish items we’d like to own, and like with my past few TTTs I’ve done a shorter list as I was struggling to come up with the full amount, mainly because most books I love don’t have items for them that I know of. Onto the post!

Mauraders’ Mug– I’ve wanted one of these for ages, but somehow never bought one. Sometimes the quote I actually want to be on it (“I Solemnly Swear I Am Up to No Good”) only appears when hot liquid goes into the mug, and I don’t drink any hot drinks (I tend to use mugs for milk). I’ll definitely get one one day though!

Book-shaped earrings– I don’t have any specific pair of these I like to show a picture of, but I’d love a pair of studs shaped as books. I’ve never seen any in shops though.

Elena’s daylight ring– while I’ve not read them and only watched the show, the Vampire Diaries are books too so I’m semi-cheating and counting this. These are available for quite a few characters on Ebay, but even though she’s definitely not a favourite character, Elena’s ring would be the one I’d get if I were buying any. Mainly because it’s purple, which is my favourite colour!

101 Dalmatians tote– I love this book, and I think this tote is gorgeous, so I would very much love to own it even though I already own far too many totes. I had a look through the artist’s other designs too, and their Disney stuff is amazing (I suspect this may be film-related rather than book related, but I wanted to include it nonetheless!)

Ravenclaw bath bomb– I’m not sure I’d spend Β£5 on a bath bomb, or if I’d manage to find one of these given they’ve already sold out online, but I think it’d be really cool to use a bath bomb in my house colours. I love the Golden Snitch one too!

What bookish items would you most like to own? Do you like any of the things I’ve ever featured? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

Middle grade/young adult book blogger

21 thoughts on “5 Bookish Items I’d Like To Own”

  1. Oh I can justify spending Β£5 on a bath bomb, I usually shop at lush and their’s ranges from Β£2.50 to Β£6 sometimes so I mean it’s a usual thing for me. I’ve yet to get any bookish ones though, I’ve gotten bookish bath salts.

    The bookish item I’d love to own is anything with Manon & her thirteen on it, whether if it’s candles or cushions or bookmarks, I’m all for it!

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    1. The photo I’ve used here is from Prezzybox, but I’ve seen them in a few shops 😊. I’d love to have just one subscription box too as they seem so fun to open, but I know I’d probably end up not enjoying an ongoing subscription as not every book would suit my reading taste πŸ’œ


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