5 Books That Feature Birthdays

Hello everybody! Today, in celebration of it being my birthday, I’ve decided to make a list of books that feature a birthday scene. Onto the post!

Arsenic for Tea– up until the latest release Death in the Spotlight, this was my favourite of the Murder Most Unladylike books, and it’s set at Daisy’s manor as they celebrate her birthday, and of course solve a murder that takes place at her party. Her party is so great, and I love everything about it.

Wundersmith– I haven’t done a full review of this yet (look out for it in my November Reviews post next month!) but I loved it. It’s even more magical than the first, and I adored Morrigan’s birthday scene at the beginning of the book. It plunges us straight back into the weird but wundrous world of Nevermoor with an excursion to see a new part of the city, and Morrigan’s reaction to the party Frank organises for her is so sweet!

Picture Perfect– in this book, which is the third in the Geek Girl series, poor Harriet has a miserable birthday when her boyfriend Nick (aka Lion Boy) gets lost, her tutor is awful to her and her parents forget it all together. It made me so sad for her when I was reading; it’d be awful to have your birthday forgotten!

The Girl, the Cat and the Navigator– Oona, the heroine of this book, has always had rather disappointing birthdays up till the one she celebrates here, because of how neglectful her family are. I love the mysterious presents someone anonymous has left her every year though, and how much they mean to her, and that she gets to feel special on her birthday for the first time during the book!

Simply the Quest– the moment Elliot and Hermes share on his birthday allows him to forget the many worries of his life (between the Greek gods living with him and his mum’s dementia, he has plenty of them) for a few moments, and it’s beautiful. I really didn’t like Hermes before it, but he became a real favourite afterwards because of how emotional it made me.

What are your favourite bookish birthdays? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

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12 thoughts on “5 Books That Feature Birthdays”

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day!
    I *still* haven’t read Wundersmith despite it seemingly being too of my list for ages! It is definitely next..!


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