Top Ten Tuesday: Books Attached to Specific Memories

Hello everybody! Today I’m taking in part in Top Ten Tuesday, and for today’s freebie theme I’m using an older topic about books I have really specific memories of. Some of these are pretty random, but I’ve tried to include a few I’ve not spoken about before as well as some I have! Onto the post!

The Buried Crown- even though they are totally unrelated, this book always makes me think of the song Shotgun by George Ezra (aka one of my favourite songs ever) because I read it the same day that song came out as part of his sophomore album Staying at Tamara’s, which also happened to be the day that I had a hospital appointment I’d been dreading that basically went as badly as I’d been worrying it would (which does not happen often because I fret about absolutely BIZARRE THINGS that are so unlikely to happen that reality tends to be better…😣)

Diamonds and Daggers– this is another weird book/song pairing, but I can’t think about this book without thinking of the song Hold Back the River. I reread this a few times and every time I did I heard that song at some point (on the radio one time, and then in cafes a few times etc). It was so odd!

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit– my memory of this is really quite strange, but one day when I was still at primary school I remember having the cold and my dad saying I could only stay off if I read this, which I had out from the library at the time (to this day I have no idea why!). I ended up really enjoying it though, and I could very much relate to Anna when she had swollen glands at one point because mine were seriously swollen on this day!

The Graces/Radio Silence– I read both of these in the same week, though at opposite ends (on the Monday and then the Friday), which also happened to be the days when I had my French and Modern Studies exams. I’m not saying I totally neglected studying so I could read these, but I kind of did a little bit on the actual days of the exams… (I studied the days in between, I promise!).

Dead Man’s Cove– I read this in a car when I was going to my summer holiday and I remember being so engrossed in it that I really didn’t want to have to get out when we reached the service station, and talking the ears off my family about until I got back to the car.

Life at the Shallow End- my super vivid memory of this is where I bought it (Barter Books), but I also remember picking it up while out for lunch somewhere on that same holiday and not being able to stop myself from laughing out on numerous occasions in just the first few pages.

What’s a Girl Gotta Do?- similarly to the Buried Crown, I read this on a day when I had a really rubbish hospital appointment where I got quite unexpected news, but it’s more general than that as I don’t link it to a song, I just remember it cheering me up so much that night reading Lottie’s story. I stayed up so late reading it!

How Not to Disappear– this was another one I stayed up ludicrously late to finish. I was just so invested in Hattie and Gloria’s stories that I couldn’t possibly put it down, and it was totally worth how tired I was the next day.

Remix– I was reading this when my dad got taken into hospital once, and it definitely took my mind off of worrying about if he was going to be okay (he was absolutely fine and home after just one night in!). It’s such a great book; definitely my favourite of Non Pratt’s.

What books do you have super specific memories of? Are you a fan of any of the books that I’ve mentioned? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books Attached to Specific Memories”

  1. Great post Amy! I love hearing about the memories people attribute to reading different books so this was really interesting! The books I remember reading the most are usually the ones that I had the biggest emotional reactions to (either intense happiness, sadness, or hope for the future), I don’t know if it’s the same for you?

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    1. I just noticed I hadn’t replied to this, I’m so sorry!! 🙈
      I really love hearing about memories people have of reading certain books too. For me, I tend to remember them most strongly if something else specific was happening that day, I think 💜💜


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