Top Ten Tuesday: My Spring TBR

Hello everybody! Today, I’m taking part in Top Ten Tuesday and I’m going to be telling you about some books I hope/plan to read during Spring. Now, if you know me you know I’m not the best with TBRs and I think one reason for that is that I don’t tend to put review copies on them, so this time I’ve listed my current review pile which I will almost certainly read and then a few I’d like to read from other sources e.g. I bought them or have them on loan from library. Onto the post!


Pog– despite the fact I am still to read Tin (which sounds brilliant, and I can’t believe I’ve not got to get πŸ™ˆ), I’m so looking forward to picking up this. It sounds like it’s going to mix contemporary and fantasy (It’s about siblings bonding with a creature in the attic after their mum’s death) and that’s often a real sweet spot for me.

The Fire Maker– this one is about magic, and a boy called Alex and his neighbour being swept into a magical adventure. I don’t really know a lot because the blurb is quite vauge, but I’m intrigued and looking forward to seeing what I think.

No Ballet Shoes in Syria– as I write this I’m planning for this to be my next read, so I may well have finished it by the time you read this. It sounds BEAUTIFUL- it’s the story of a Syrian refugee called Aya who is navigating a startling talent for ballet and the challenges of adapting to life in the UK/fighting for the right to stay there/dealing with her traumatic past and trying to find her lost father. I’ve heard nothing but good things and I cannot WAIT to dive in.

Not My Fault– this is another contemporary and it focuses on two sisters who haven’t spoken since a shared traumatic experience that one sister blames herself for as they go on a school residential. I think it’s going to be brilliant, especially since it has a dual narrative and I often really like those!

Checkmates– I was sent this unsolicited and I have to admit it wasn’t on my radar beforehand, but I’m excited to give it a shot despite not being a fan of the one book I’ve read from this author in the past. It sounds like a really interesting contemporary, and focuses on the impact chess has on a boy with ADHD’s life.

The Longest Night of Charlie Noon- I’ve read two books from Christopher Edge in the past and really enjoyed both, so I’m almost certain I’ll like this. It’s about three people getting lost in a wood I think, and I’m sure there will be some science involved because that’s a hallmark of Christopher’s books. He’s also excellent at packing an emotional punch and given that the dedication of this alone made me weepy (a recent trend… I also welled up for the dedication in Scavengers) I’m sure I’ll be crying at some point during it.


Podkin One-Ear– I have promised Rachael this one is going to happen. It’s going to happen. I hope. I don’t know how I’ve went this long without reading it; I’ve had it since it was Waterstones’ Children’s book of the month in June 2017! It’s a fantasy about rabbits, though I couldn’t tell you anything much more specific about it than that I’m afraid…

Pulp– continuing with the trend of books I’ve told other people I’ll read, this one is for Louise. She loved it, she has impeccable taste, I’ve decided to give this a go despite not initially wanting to. I’m not sure I’ll like it, but I’d give just about anything Lou says is good a chance at least.

The Unicorn Quest– this is a story about two sisters in a fantasy world with unicorns and it sounds great. I read a great book with unicorns recently (ish) in the Guardians of the Wild Unicorns and I want more. But also I (because I am a dummy) reserved the sequel at the library and thus if I have a hope in hell of reading that before it’s due back I will need to get cracking on this one sharpish.

Paper Avalanche– I feel like this list is very much weighted in favour of MG, so let’s have another YA. Of my YA TBR this is one of the most exciting (the other that we’ll add in sneakily in brackets to keep the list to ten is A Girl Called Shameless…) so I’m excited to read it. I think Lisa Williamson’s books are super interesting, so this one that focuses on hoarding is sure to be thought-provoking and probably heart breaking.

What books are you planning to read during Spring? Do we have any in common? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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28 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Spring TBR”

    1. Ooh I’ve always wanted to read Geekerella and then I lost my copy 😭. I really must one day, because the Princess and the Fangirl sounds fab as well πŸ’œ. I’ve not heard of the others you’ve mentioned but hope you enjoy them! X

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  1. I should have put Paper Avalanche on my list (but I do have A Girl Called Shameless, so we match one at least!). I haven’t actually heard of a lot of the books you’re planning on reading, but I’m interested in Checkmates and Pog based off of how you’ve described them. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts.

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    1. I’m currently almost halfway through Pog and I really like it- it’s quite slow paced but it works well for the story, if that makes sense πŸ’œ. Shall report back on Checkmates when I read it! X


      1. I’ve been sidetracked by a DNF that upset me (not a childrens book) and Littlefae’s birthday so I’m off my intended reading trajectory – should’ve been completed and free choice by now but my baby (she’s still my baby at 6) comes first!!

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  2. For some reason I had in my head that Pog was a sequel to Tin. Only just realised its not so ill be interested to hear what you think and whether you think I’d like it & should give P Kenny another go!

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    1. I am reading it at the moment and like it very much! It’s quite slow paced but it works REALLY well for the story and the characters are brilliant (I particularly love Pog). I’ve also now read No Ballet Shoes in Syria and I LOVED that- know contemporary isn’t your usual thing but it’s really special and I’m pretty sure set where you live… x


      1. Yes, I really want to read No Ballet Shoes… after you mentioned it the other day. So glad you enjoyed it. Where’s it set – Manchester? Pog sounds promising then…

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