5 New(ish) TV Shows I Think You Should Give a Chance

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be talking about some of my favourite TV shows that have started fairly recently that I’d recommend! Onto the post!

Station 19- this show is a spin-off from Grey’s Anatomy- which pretty much everyone knows of- and it focuses on the fire fighters of Seattle’s Station 19. I like just about all of the ensemble cast, and at least find those I don’t like reasonably interesting. I really love some of the romances that are developing too, and there are some very interesting platonic ones too. There are some great plots involving their jobs too, and I’m getting very invested in it now it’s in season 2. Plus, if you’re a Grey’s fan there’s lots of fun cameos and some cross over episodes! Basically, think Grey’s Anatomy but with more fire and less scalpels and you have this. It’s super fun/traumatic to watch in equal measure.

Proven Innocent– I found this by chance- I saw a trailer while I was watching something else- and I’m really enjoying it’s debut season so far. It’s about a woman who was sent to prison for a crime she didn’t commit- the murder of her best friend- who now defends other wrongfully convicted people for a living. I think it’s an interesting twist on lawyer dramas, and the over-arching plot about her best friend’s murder and who really did it is pretty thrilling.

The Rookie– I have loved Nathan Fillion since he played Richard Castle and I’ve been enjoying seeing him on my screen more regularly very much indeed. In this show he plays a man who’s just decided to become a police officer even though he’s much older than your average rookie, and it sees him and his fellow rookies navigate their new roles. I really like all the rookies and their TOs, I find its exploration of challenges police officers may face interesting and I think this has a lot of potential to last for quite a few seasons; there’s so many things it could explore with the characters.

This is Us- this show is very hard to explain, but I’ll try. It’s about a family called the Pearsons and it shows them mostly in the present day but also in flashbacks and flashforwards, and it’s kind of just about their lives and relationships. It’s both comedy and drama; funny and deeply moving. It has some perfectly flawed, lovable characters and I love their complex relationships. The structure is genius.

Dynasty– this reboot of the classic 80s soap is approaching the end of its second season, and if you know me at all you were probably waiting for it to pop up on this list. It is without question my favourite show I’ve ever watched; I love basically everything about it. The characters are all kind of horrible most of the time but I adore them beyond words regardless, the plots are pacy and exciting and I can’t count the number of times twists have made me gasp while watching this. The outfits are stunning too, and I am tragically invested in some of the ships. I love it so much, and I can’t wait to continue being a fan for the 3rd season and hopefully many more.

What new shows have you been enjoying? Are you planning to give any of these a go? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

Disabled book blogger who also writes TV, film, music and other posts from time to time | UKYABA Champion Teen 2018 | Email: goldenbooksgirl@gmail.com | she/her

8 thoughts on “5 New(ish) TV Shows I Think You Should Give a Chance”

  1. I *love* This Is Us, although I’m behind! And I’d been thinking about giving The Rookie a chance, so I’m glad to hear you like it! Have you seen Firefly? If you’re a Nathan Fillion fan, you might like it as well.

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  2. I’m very behind on This is Us- season 3 isn’t being shown anywhere in the UK at the moment so I’m really hoping it’s here soon as it’s now ended in the US. I haven’t seen Firefly but I’ve always been tempted, especially as Gina Torres is in it too and I adore her as well as Nathan Fillion!


  3. I LOVE Station 19! I’ve been watching since the beginning, really hope it gets renewed for season 3! I think there’s another big crossover coming up before the end of season 2 as well!

    I’ve been meaning to watch Proven Innocent too! Must get round to it soon!

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    1. Yes, I really hope it gets a season 3 too! I’m not sure how it does ratings wise but Shonda seems to have a lot of pull at ABC so it’s got a good chance I think! I’m SO excited for the crossover- I’ve read a little bit about it and it sounds great. I have a theory about what’s going to happen and I’m so excited to see if I’m right (I think Andy/the new captain are going for to end up as a couple…)

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      1. That wouldn’t surprise me at all! Although part of me wants her to end up with Ryan I’m not sure that’s a particularly healthy relationship…

        I think the ratings are okay, not Grays levels but not the worst on the channel so fingers crossed…

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      2. I love Ryan so much! But I think I’d prefer her with the new captain to him, maybe (I’m getting definite vibes off the two of them and I’ve called like 4 or 5 other new romances on this and Grey’s this year 😂)
        Would love to hear your thoughts on Proven Innocent btw! Some of it can be a bit disjointed but I find it really interesting to see law from such a different viewpoint and I’m DYING to know who actually killed Rosemary.

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