Recommending Books to Pixar Characters | Disney Recommendations #4

Hello everybody! It’s been a hot minute since I did one of these posts, but today it’s time for another instalment of Disney Recommendations, this time for an assortment Pixar characters. Onto the post!

Woody/Buzz- if Woody and Buzz had just read Second Best before it all kicked off between them in the first film (my favourite picture book from my childhood) it would have saved them both a lot of hassle and reached a similar outcome. So I definitely think they’d have benefited from that.

Sully/Mike- I found this one pretty hard on account of the fact I’ve only seen Monsters Inc once almost 6 years ago and barely remember it. The best I can do for them is the Last Spell Breather, on account of the fact it also included Monsters. I really must rewatch this soon, basically ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Nemo– Nemo wants to be independent more than anything, and that’s what sets his whole story in motion. The same is true for Betty in A Pinch of Magic, who also struggles with an overprotective guardian in a similar way to Nemo. I think he’d find it very relatable!

Violet Incredible– for the Incredibles, I decided to focus on Violet. I think she’d really enjoy Batman: Nightwalker, because it would let her see that all superheroes have to start somewhere and that getting involved isn’t always the best idea (this is largely aimed at Incredibles 2 Violet, because it’s been ages since I’ve seen the first film and I can’t remember if she was annoyed about not being allowed to use her powers much in that too)

Remy– for Ratatouille, I obviously wanted to pick a book for Remy, who I absolutely LOVE. I think he’d enjoy the Secret Cooking Club a lot, because like him Scarlett loves to cook and has issues with her family/fitting into it too.

Riley– I think Riley could really do with some fantasy in her life, to show her that you can still enjoy magical fun even when you’re a bit older. I think something like the Unicorn Quest would do a good job of showing her this!

Arlo– The Good Dinosaur is so underrated (I actually really need to watch it again!) And I remember loving Arlo, whose main problem is feeling not good enough for his family/inferior to his sibkings because he is the youngest. So, I think the Middler would be a great choice for him- it takes place in a world where birth order basically determines your fate and affects your entire existence.

Dory– I think my choice for Dory would be Katherine Rundell’s Rooftoppers. I would give it to her before the events of her own film or possibly during it, as I think it would give her hope and faith that she will be able to find her parents if she just keeps going (or swimming, you could even say ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Miguel– this one was easy. I think Miguel would really enjoy the Eleventh Trade, because music is incredibly important to that book’s main character Sami, and the same can definitely be said for Miguel. The Eleventh Trade also places a lot of emphasis on family, which is another big theme in Miguel’s film Coco.

What are your thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned? Are there any books you’d recommend to one of these characters, or maybe one for a character I decided not to include? I would love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

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7 thoughts on “Recommending Books to Pixar Characters | Disney Recommendations #4”

  1. I always enjoy your Disney posts – they always get me thinking though I never come up with much, I can never think of anything when I’m trying to!
    I think Mike from Monsters Inc would like Who Let the God’s Out or Matt Carr’s picture books for the humour though. And I think Sully would like the Rabbit and Bear series, I think he’d relate to Bear!

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