Four Book Quotes I Find Inspiring

Hello everybody! Today, I’m taking part in Top Ten Tuesday, and I have a list of four book quotes I find inspiring in some way. Onto the post!

Unknown- Flying Tips For Flightless Birds

I can’t remember the specific quote, and obviously I can’t find my copy to track it down but there was a quote in here from Finch about school that made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel, and it meant a lot to me when I read it.

Courage, dear heart”- the Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I haven’t read Narnia since I was six, so I can’t really remember how I felt when I actually read this but the reason I love it is because last year when I was going through some stuff with my health a friend sent me a card and wrote this inside. Thus, it means a lot to me, and is a very handy reminder still sometimes.

‘”We should wear our scars with pride” she declared “For they contain the history of our suffering and our survival”‘- No Ballet Shoes in Syria

This quote from Miss Helena meant so much to me when I read No Ballet Shoes in Syria in March (which is an incredibly emotional book in lots of other ways too, highly recommend). I spent a LOT of time being ashamed of my scar from brain surgery and trying to hide it, but now I definitely feel proud of it and my others and I just thought this put my exact feelings into words so much more eloquently and beautifully than I could ever have done.

“My name is Harriet Manners and I am a geek. And maybe that’s not so bad after all”- Geek Girl

I’ve made no secret of my love for Geek Girl. This is my favourite quote (well, my actual faves are all funny and not inspiring, so this is my favourite inspiring one)- it’s from right at the end, and Harriet having this epiphany that she’s just fine as she is and doesn’t need to change was a revelation for me. I love this moment in the book so much.

What book quotes do find inspiring? Do we have any in common? I’d really love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

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15 thoughts on “Four Book Quotes I Find Inspiring”

  1. These are great choices, so personal too.
    The no ballet shoes quote us a great one and so true. I can totally understand how you’d want to hide your cmscar, but bloody hell – you got through brain surgery – rock that scar, you’ve earned the right to show it off and be damn proud about it.xx

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