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Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be doing the Moxie Book Tag, which Charlotte very kindly tagged me to do. Onto the post!

Time to Fight Like a Girl: A page-turning read with a feminist message, for anyone who has ever had to deal with #everydaysexism

Other than Moxie itself, my top recommendations would be the Exact Opposite of Okay/A Girl Called Shameless and the Spinster Club trilogy!

Girls Supporting Girls –Your Favourite female friendship.

Harriet and Nat from Geek Girl. I reread it last month and I still love it so much I can’t put it into words quite how much. I’m hoping to get to the others in the series again over time too.

Seth – A book that had problems, maybe it made you angry or you just hated it but it worked out in the end.

This is a really hard one! I didn’t love everything about Northern Lights- there were definitely flaws that impeded my enjoyment- but I’m really glad I read it so I think that counts?

GRIT: Girls respecting and inspiring themselves – A book that made you feel inspired.

Both my answers for question one would definitely fit this, but to add to it with something a bit different I’ll mention Vote for Effie! It’s a really fun, feminist MG book and I liked it a lot.

Queen Emma – A book that surprised you

The Middler really surprised me. I don’t tend to enjoy dystopia, but I thought it was great. In unrelated news, this prompt really made me laugh because one of my favourite authors is called Emma and I’ve been known to call her that exact name on occasion!

Walkout – A book you just couldn’t finish.

The last DNF I can remember is Running on Empty. I really couldn’t gel with the narrative voice. That was in July last year, so I’ve had a pretty good run. I think blogging has made me much more aware of my reading tastes and so I DNF less now. I came very close to DNFing Two Can Keep a Secret in February!

Show some Moxie – Your Favourite Feminist Read.

I’ve accidentally mentioned them all already! Overall it’s probably Am I Normal Yet? I think. Also, I love books like The Star Spun Web and Vashti Hardy’s books where gender norms are questioned in a really subtle way, and those are just all round excellent books too.

Saffy posing with Vashti Hardy’s latest book Wildspark

What are your thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned? Did you love Moxie too? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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2 thoughts on “The Moxie Book Tag”

  1. Ha, when I read Queen Emma I had to pause because for a minute I thought it was your answer referring to said author, and I’d missed the question! Then I read your actual answer and laughed!
    I do always enjoy your book tag posts.

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