The TV Tag

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be doing the TV Tag, which I found on Queens of Geekdom. Onto the post!

Favourite Shows

My absolute fave is Dynasty (2017 version). Some other faves include The Mentalist, Suits, Grey’s Anatomy and This Is Us.

Favourite Genre

Drama/comedy, I’d say! I used to only really watch police procedurals but since my tastes are a bit more diverse in focus now that seems like the easiest umbrella to put them under.

Least Favourite Show

I dislike quite a lot but I don’t think I have an outright least favourite. Examples of things I really don’t like include Murdoch Mysteries, MacGyver and Scorpion. I feel like there must be something I despise but if there is it’s not coming to mind. Ooh, Rookie Blue used to irritate me quite a bit!

Most Rewatched show/ Favourite show to Binge Watch

I’m actually really not sure. It’s probably something like Castle, because I’ve watched it since I was about 10 and it’s so comforting to watch. I had a lot of fun binge watching Gilmore Girls earlier this year, but my ultimate favourite binge watch ever is either Grey’s Anatomy (which was on season 10 or 11 by the time I started) or season 1A of Dynasty (aka the first 13 episodes)

Week-by-week or Binge

I do both! I probably prefer binge watching because I’m super impatient and always want to know what happens next, but I do enjoy watching week to week too.

Favourite TV Character

This list will be essay-length if I don’t limit myself so my top 3 of ever are probably Steven Carrington, Patrick Jane and Jessica Pearson.

Favourite TV Ships

Steammy from Dynasty are my ultimate TV OTP. Beth and Randall from This Is Us are absolute goals. Patrick and Theresa in the Mentalist are beautiful together too. I love many, many Grey’s couples too- my current faves are Amelia and Link, but obviously I loved MerDer/Mark and Lexie/many others too.

Shows you Couldn’t Get Into

So many. Most recently Riverdale; I watched about 10 episodes because I thought Jughead was brilliant but it just felt like a b-tec Pretty Little Liars overall so I couldn’t be bothered to continue past that. Other notable ones are ER and the Good Fight.

Shows You Fell Out of Love With

The Blacklist, NCIS and Psych are the main ones that come to mind!

Cancelled Too Soon

Fairly Legal all the way!! It deserved so much more than 2 seasons; I loved it. And Proven Innocent is all but cancelled this year, and I’m so sad there’s probably not going to be a second season. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever watched but it is really enjoyable and the storylines are thought provoking and clever and heartbreaking.

Guilty Pleasure Show

TOWIE. I’ve got very invested in some of the cast and their lives despite mocking mum when she started watching it and finding other shows of this type fairly boring and unbearable.

Currently Watching

Grey’s Anatomy season 15, The Rookie season 1, Station 19 season 2, Desperate Housewives season 2, Dynasty season 2 and Proven Innocent season 1 are all the ones I watch regularly I think. I occasionally watch Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five O, Bull, 911 and Madam Secretary.

Favourite Theme Song

Greenback Boogie hands down!

The Characters You Love to Hate

Daniel Hardman is the ultimate TV baddie. Adam on Dynasty is so sinister as well, I love him!

Favourite Swan Song Episode

The Mentalist series finale is the best series finale I’ve ever seen, bar none. The way it brings everything full circle is incredible. The final scene makes me weep rivers every time I so much as think about it. I absolutely love the Mentalist.

What would your answers to some of these be? Do you agree with any of mine? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

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19 thoughts on “The TV Tag”

  1. Totally with you on Blacklist and Riverdale. controversial I know but I loved Supernatural up to about season 7 when it went (as we call it) a bit ‘Charmed’ but the earlier gritty and episodes before it became so popular I could still rewatch over and over and some phrases are still in constant usage!!

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    1. Ooh I’ve never seen Supernatural! Ironically I’d probably enjoy it more from season 7 onwards as I don’t do well with horror! I did love Vampire Diaries, but more for the characters/romance/worldbuilding than the gorier bits (I hid behind my hands a lot 😂)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it was difficult because we watched it from series 1 when it was on itv then it went away and e4 picked it up and then e4 dropped it because it didn’t get enough viewers and by that time (season 8???) I had just lost the plot with the swing from mythology, ghost stories, Magic and ‘family business’ to angels and Leviathans and the devil having a Holiday and all that.
        Feel bad as I loved it but the
        2 year gap between seasons being shown kinda killed the flow.


  2. Riverdale being a b-tec PLL is spot on!😂 I watched PLL all the way but wanted to stop after like season 3 because it went vastly downhill. Riverdale, however, I managed to watch the first four or five episodes then left it WELL alone😂

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    1. I loved (most of) PLL until the time jump, but I couldn’t get on board for loads of stuff after that and it just all got a bit weird! And the finale was ludicrous. I made it through 10 episodes of Riverdale and decided to stop because bar Jughead, I didn’t like anything about it. Such an odd show, and I hear it’s got even odder as it’s went on?!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t believe you couldn’t get into ER! I love ER, it’s my go-to comfort show definitely. When I went off work with anxiety/depression I binge watched that right through from series 1.
    I’ve heard good things about the Mentalist but not watched it still.

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  4. Ooh this is the tag I started after the A-Z book tag, it’s still ongoing but I’m hoping to post it this week! We definitely have a few shows in common, although I still love NCIS, although I do miss Ziva, Bishop has certainly grown on me.

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