Five Books That Remind Me of Panic! At the Disco Songs

Hello everybody! Last month, I did a post about books that remind me of Taylor Swift songs to celebrate the release of what turned out to be her new single Me!.

I had a lot of fun writing that post, so I decided I wanted to do something similar. Given that Panic! At the Disco also has an extensive back catalogue to choose from and their frontman Brendon Urie featured on Me!, they seemed the natural next choice. Onto the post!

The Golden Butterfly– my pairing for this one is Golden Days, but not just for the fact that they both have the word golden in the title (though I do love the colour gold!). It’s actually because they both kind of centre around memories and the past- The Golden Butterfly follows a girl called Luciana who is trying to unravel her grandfather’s past and learn why he stopped performing as a magician. Full disclosure, however, that this is one of my least fave Panic! Songs; I find it REALLY dull.

There’s Something About Sweetie– Celia in this book is not unlike Miss Jackson, let’s be real. She may not have cheated on Ashish with his friends, but she did cheat on him like Miss Jackson cheats on the narrator, and Ashish absolutely still loves her anyway, till Sweetie wins his heart.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue– Monty, the protagonist of this book, is no stranger to a wild party, much like the narrator of Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time (which just so happens to be my very favourite Panic! song) so I think it would be perfect for Monty. Also, the song has quite a bit of humour to it, just like Gentleman’s Guide does.

Smile– picking the Ballad of Mona Lisa for a book about the Mona Lisa might be a bit on the nose but if you want to learn a little bit about the woman believed to be the real Mona Lisa (who the song isn’t about, despite what you may think. Though what it’s actually about is unclear, and would depend on which theory you read…), this is a good choice.

The Sorrow duology– this series is definitely a good fit with Emperor’s New Clothes. It starts off with Sorrow attempting to become her country’s chancellor- replacing her incompetent, grief-stricken father who was never really fit for the role. There’s lot of backstabbing and betrayal (and a very mortal king and PLENTY of liars who Sorrow flips the switch on…) and a really decedent feel that fits well with Melinda Salisbury’s writing style, and the vibe of Emperor’s is just THERE.

Are there any books that remind you of Panic! Songs, or any other songs? Do you have any thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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9 thoughts on “Five Books That Remind Me of Panic! At the Disco Songs”

    1. It was so fun to do! It’s going to be harder to do with artists who have less songs but I’m planning to give it a stab anyway. I’m sure you can guess who’s first up on my list…
      Glad you liked those choices- I chose the Sorrow one with you in mind!


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