My Most Anticipated June Releases

Hello everybody! Today, it’s time for my most anticipated June releases, which is a bit shorter than my ridiculously long May list! Onto the post!

The Garden of Lost Secrets– if I don’t love this book, I will be shocked. It’s about a girl going to live in a country house during World War One and being swept up in an adventure there, and it sounds ideal for me. I find the home front of World War One absolutely fascinating (It’s one of my biggest areas of historical interest, along with the German home front in both world wars!) And I love historical adventure in general so it just sounds perfect. I’ve heard great things from early readers too, which is even more promising!

Alex in Wonderland– I love Simon James Green and everything he’s ever written, so this is an obvious must read. It’s about a boy falling in love whilst working at a failing amusement arcade called Wonderland, and having to try and save his workplace. It sounds super romantic and this is Simon, so it’s sure to be really funny and lovely. Also, even if I didn’t already know I loved Simon’s books, this is blurbed by Becky Albertalli. Yes please give me it NOW.

The Cantankerous Molly Darling– there is something about the way this story- which is about a girl who lives on a farm in Ireland- that reminds me of the Electra Brown books, which are very special to me. It sounds funny and charming and delightful, and I’m really hoping I’ll enjoy it.

The Paper and Hearts Society– Lucy Powrie was one of the main people that inspired me to start a blog, and I couldn’t be more excited to read her debut novel and see her start this new chapter in her bookish life. This also sounds just like the sort of book I’d love anyway, though. It’s about a girl called Tabby moving to a new town and joining a book club, where she meets some amazing friends who share her love of reading. I’m fairly sure there’s also a road trip. It sounds epic. I am SO excited it’s finally going to be out in the world because I’ve wanted to read it since I saw the first snippet Lucy posted on Twitter.

The Unexpected Find– I’ve wanted to read more from Toby Ibbotson (who is the son of the late, great Eva Ibbitson) since he wrote Mountwood School for Ghosts, which was based on an idea from Eva. I’m so glad that this is finally coming out, and even happier that it sounds wonderful; it’s about a boy discovering an object after a storm, which subsequently leads to him taking a trip across Europe.

The Butterfly Circus– this book sounds so beautiful and has one of the most gorgeous covers ever. It’s about two sisters called Tansy and Belle, who perform in a circus, and what happens when one of them mysteriously vanished and the other has to find her. I think it’s going to be amazing.

The Dragon in the Library– I’m quite picky with the young MG I read, but I think I’ll enjoy this one, which is set in a library and has dragons (and very high stakes, by the sound of things.) I think it’ll be a really fun read, and I think it’s super interesting to have it from the POV of someone who doesn’t really like reading.

The Good Thieves– I have quite a love/hate relationship with Katherine Rundell, and her last book the Explorer definitely fit into the hate category, so while I’m a bit nervous for this new one, I’m also really hoping it’s one I’ll love. The fact that it’s set in New York City is promising because I love that as a setting, I’m interested by the fact that it’s a heist book (orchestrated by a girl trying to exact her revenge on crooks who swindled her grandfather) and I think it has the potential for sure to be one I love, because it’s something I’d pick up if I’d never heard of Katherine Rundell whereas I only read the Explorer because of how much I enjoyed Rooftoppers and the Wolf Wilder.

Which June releases are your most anticipated? Do we agree on any? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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21 thoughts on “My Most Anticipated June Releases”

  1. What a great list! Iโ€™ve already bought The Garden of Lost Secrets and The Dragon in the Library on a recent trip to London. I hadnโ€™t heard of The Cantankerous Molly Darling, but it sounds perfect as I was brought up on farm in rural Ireland! I definitely want to get The Butterfly Circus and The Good Thieves. I loved The Wolf Wilder and The Explorer. This month, Iโ€™m also looking forward to The Longest Night of Charlie Noon, Return to Wonderland and Check Mates.

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    1. Oh, I’ve forgotten Return to Wonderland; definitely looking forward to that as some authors I really love are featured! ๐Ÿ™ˆ
      I’ve already read Check Mates and the Longest Night of Charlie Noon which is why they’re not on here- I highly recommend both.
      Glad to have helped you discover the Cantankerous Molly Darling ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. What a great list!! Iโ€™ve read a few already on this list and the Dragon in the library is youthful in tone but is certainly worth it for the creative fantasy and alternative protagonist!
    Paper and Hearts Society I adore!!
    Yes I think you will adore the Garden Of Lost Secrets, itโ€™s just bittersweet beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hooray!! I have succeeded then! Paper & Hearts is very special to me and so is the Garden Of Lost Secrets for different reasons- like you I have an affinity for WWI and the Home Front- the innocence juxtaposed with brutal heartbreak and the loss of innocence of a nation as well as lives is such a fascinating period.

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      2. In that case, if you’ve not read In Darkling Wood by Emma Carroll, it’s an absolute MUST read for you- it’s a dual narrative with one story in present day and another in epistolary form in 1918 (I think that’s the right term- it’s letters!) And it’s absolytely WONDERFUL ๐Ÿ’œ

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      3. Yep thatโ€™s the term! I do like an epistolary novel ever since I read Dracula when I was 11!!
        I have In Darkling Wood! Again Iโ€™d been looking at it (Fairies at the bottom of the garden OMG this is my book!) but you inspired me to actually pick it up because of Emma Carroll so now a personal endorsement for the book? itโ€™s going in the priority box now!!

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  3. I’m really looking forward to Alex in Wonderland and getting my hands on the Paper and Hearts Society which I’ve been really looking forward to reading! Great selection of books and some of them I’ve never heard of but will now be keeping an eye out for.

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  4. I’m looking forward to Garden of Lost Secrets, Dragon in the Library and Good Thieves too. I didn’t hatr The Explorer, but I didn’t love it the way I love Rooftoppers or Wolf Wilder, so I know what you mean. Hopefully this will be more like those.

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    1. Really hope you enjoy them all! I didn’t hate it necessarily, it was more complete and utter lack of interest and I was reading it on the way to hospital one day and just thought why am I still reading this when I don’t care about it at all?! I REALLY wasn’t keen on The Girl Savage- I thought it was boring and UTTERLY miserable and I just didn’t like anything about it at all! Have you read it?

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      1. No, interestingly despite absolutely LOVING the other 2, it’s never appealed. I keep thinking I should read it because of how much I like R & WW but just never do. Sounds like it can stay at the bottom of the list!

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      2. I think I read Rooftoppers first, then read Girl Savage which I really didn’t like and was so disappointed, then Wolf Wilder redeemed it and then Explorer made me wary again ๐Ÿ˜‚. I’m so hoping I like Good Thieves!

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