My Thoughts on Blue Neighbourhood

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be talking about all my thoughts on Blue Neighbourhood, which is the debut album from one of my fave Aussie celeb Troye Sivan (I say this like I have a plethora of fave Aussies to choose from. There’s about 3 I love, the other two of which are James Mackay and Maddison Brown, both of Dynasty fame). Now that I’ve successfully made myself sound quite mad, onto the post!

Wild– I do not understand why this wasn’t lead single, not one tiny bit (my apologies to Youth because I do adore it) but this song is RIDICULOUSLY catchy. The production with the sing songy repetition of Wild is joyful, as is Troye’s accent singing it (I’m going to fangirl over the accent a lot in this post, just to warn you. I’m obsessed with his accent). It’s by far one of the most upbeat on here too and I just love it; Troye’s voice sounds amazing. Let’s just not talk about the Alessia Cara version, shall we?

Bite– oh, this song. It gives me absolute chills every time. The a cappella opening is so epic that I’d resent the beat kicking in if it weren’t so utterly great, but it is so the song just gets even better as it goes on. The production is so cool and sets the sultry vibe this song is aiming at SO WELL. The lyricism is wonderful as well.

Fools– I actually didn’t like this when I first heard it, and I am genuinely wondering what was wrong with past me. It’s about breaking up with someone because they want different things to a partner and it’s so sad. Yet has SUCH a great beat when you get to the chorus? The sad pianos at the start are also wonderful on the musical side of things. Troye’s voice sounds brilliant on this too.

Ease ft Broods– this is easily the best of the album’s collabs and probably one of my overall favourites. It’s about feeling incredibly lonely and finding comfort in someone, and it’s so gorgeous. Broods are AMAZING- I’m obsessed with Georgia’s voice and I really like the production (there’s a strong chance I will be seeking out their own stuff soon!) . Troye sounds great too and I think the lyrics are super well written. The harmonies in the chorus are just stunning. It’s quite like Postcard from his 2nd album Bloom somehow too, and I love that song so that’s fab.

The Quiet– I’m not sure if this an unpopular opinion or not, but I’m not the biggest fan of this. It has grown on me since I first heard it in December/January, but I just find it a bit blah- it doesn’t do anything horrifically wrong (though Troye’s voice sounds a tad dodgy in places), but it also doesn’t do anything that exciting. I feel like I have one song like this on just about every album, even if it’s from a fave (the exception to this rule is of course George Ezra, who has just one song I’d say this about and it technically isn’t on an album) so it’s not too disappointing.

DKLA ft Tkay Maidza– I can’t stand this one. I’m ambivalent about the Quiet- I don’t hate it, but this straight up annoys me. The intro is so bloody DULL and it’s far too long- nearly a minute of music that is essentially just white noise is ludicrous. It remains entirely dull throughout- the beat stays monotonous and Troye may as well be talking because his voice stays at the exact same pitch etc for the whole song. And the lyrics are so boring and repetitive. I hate the rap section as well. I’m so angry this made the album off an EP and Happy Little Pill didn’t.

Talk Me Down- this is so sad. I’ve seen it suggested that this is from the perspective of one of his exes rather than him, which is a pretty interesting concept if true, and it’s so sad and hauntingly beautiful. The heartbreak and still being in love with the other person is so palpable and just… I can’t cope with how sad it is. On a less serious note, that accent (I did warn you you’d be hearing about it a lot!) sounds gorgeous saying the title. The bridge is wonderful on this too; one of the best on the album.

Cool- I started out not liking this, but it’s grown on me a lot the more I’ve listened. It’s, pardon the pun, very cool in the melody and overall vibe, and I like that it seems a bit less autobiographical than the others on the album.

Heaven ft Betty Who- this is easily the album’s most heartwrenching song and it’s a big shift going from Cool to this. It’s about navigating your relationship with religion in connection to sexuality and it’s so sad and vulnerable and beautiful. And the counting to 15 bit always makes me cry after hearing Troye talking about why he wrote that line (the short version is that he realised a few years before he came out that he was gay but he put off coming out until 15 to make sure he really was gay). However, I do feel like Betty Who is a tiny bit unnecessary and I think it’d be even powerful if it was just Troye on this.

Youth- a fun one again! When I say fun, bear in mind that this album is pretty melancholy and even the happy ones have this weird tinge of sadness to them somehow? At least I think they do. Anyway, it’s about someone trying to convince their partner to go on a road trip and them going, and about being young and in love. It’s pretty lovely in places, and a very strong choice for lead single. I’m going to be honest and admit the pre-chorus is not my fave (I’ve rarely heard a word I dislike Troye’s pronunciation of more than fireproof.), it is more than made up for in the rest of the song. And the second half of verse 2 is possibly one of the most gorgeous lyrics ever and the way it’s sung just melts me.

Lost Boy– the simple piano start to this is amazing, and I love the way that the music slowly builds and becomes more upbeat with each line- it’s like Plum from Troye’s second album bloom in that it’s one of the most sonically cheery breakup songs ever. It’s also like the Good Side, because it’s Troye doing the breaking up here and recognising that he’s kind of on the wrong side of it and hurting someone- the bridge is particularly stunning in this respect. The fairy tale imagery is SO great as well. This is easily my favourite of the whole album, though it’s very close between that and my second favourite.

For Him ft Allday– this song takes a little while to get going but it’s still so cute and after the pre-chorus it picks up and I really love it once it gets it into the chorus (I particularly love trying to do an Australian accent for the “sickeningly sweet like honey, don’t need money bit”) . It’s a love song all about the specific things he loves about his boyfriend (Who is now not his boyfriend, but whatever) and the lyrics are absolutely gorgeous. The rap section is a bit odd and our of place, but it does mention Panic! at the Disco so I’ll give it a pass for making the song less romantic.

Suburbia– this one is about Troye’s feelings about leaving the suburbs he grew up in, and it’s such a beautiful song that perfectly gives the feeling of both fond nostalgia of his home and the recognition that his newfound fame is amazing and better than his old life in some ways. There are some really clever lines such as the shoutout to Oh Wonder that gives such a good idea of what his old life was like, and the dramatic violins make clear that this is an emotional and complex song. It never fails to make me cry.

Too Good- oooh I love this. Why is this only on the deluxe?? Not to be horrible, but DKLA made the album and this is a bonus track? What fresh hell? I’m very into the mix of piano and drums for the instrumentals, the guitars that come in for the end are phenomenal and I love Troye’s voice on this so much. It’s about a kind of toxic relationship that the narrator doesn’t want out of because it feels so good, and it’s a brilliant song.

Blue ft Alex Hope– this reminds me of that song Bad Day that was one of my favourites when I was in early primary school, so it gets points just for that. It’s generally pretty fantastic as well, which gets it even more. It’s such a pretty, quirky love song and Troye and Alex’s voices sound STUNNING together as well as apart. All of the yes to this. Again, how the bloody hell are DKLA and The Quiet on the standard album and this beauty is relegated to that bonus track thing where barely anyone knows it?!

Final Thoughts:

A lot of hits and only a couple of misses ensures that I still love Troye an awful lot. Even if the whole thing had sucked I almost certainly still would because he is a joy to follow on social media, let me tell you. Have you seen his dog? I rest my case. That said, I’m baffled by some of the decisions for this album. Mostly that Happy Little Pill isn’t on it, tbh.

Are you a fan of this album or Troye in general, and if yes what are your favourite songs from him? Are you planning to give it a go after reading this? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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