The Bedtime Book Tag

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be doing the Bedtime Book Tag, which I saw ages ago on Writing with Wolves and have been meaning to do ever since. Onto the post!

01. What book kept you up all night reading?

Loads, but one particularly vivid memory of this is with How Not to Disappear by Clare Furniss. It’s so utterly engrossing I meant to read A chapter and devoured the whole thing.

02. What book made you scared to go to sleep?

Close Your Pretty Eyes by Sally Nicholls. I didn’t much fancy closing my eyes after reading that, let me tell you.

03. What book almost put you to sleep?

I’ve said this a few times for similar questions but Two Can Keep a Secret. It was genuinely hard to read it at night because sleep was so much more appealing than trudging through that metaphorical snoozefest.

04. Which book had you tossing & turning in anticipation of its release?

The biggest one this year is probably Wildspark. I read it almost immediately after I finally got gold of it and loved it even more than I thought I would.

05. What book has your dream boyfriend?

Still Nick from Geek Girl. I love him, and if any real boy ever lives up I’ll be surprised.

06. What book would be a nightmare to live in?

Anything remotely dystopian. One of the reasons I don’t like consuming dystopian media most of the time is that imagining living in those worlds really freaks me out.

07. What book reminds you of nighttime?

I was really struggling with this one, and then it struck me that I literally read a book called the Longest Night of Charlie Noon not that long ago, so I’ll say that. It’s extremely difficult to explain in any kind of detail without spoiling it, so all I’ll tell you is that it’s about three children who get unexpectedly lost in the woods when night falls early. Trust me, you want to go in knowing next to nothing.

08. What book has a nightmarish cliffhanger?

Secret in the Stone, no question. There’s about 5 twists in very quick succession at the very end. Also Spies in St Petersburg’s is an absolute doozy.

09. What book have you actually dreamt about?

I don’t think I’ve had dreams about any? At least not ones I can remember. I have however had very vivid dreams about TV shows, such as the one where I was Alba in Cable Girls in this very specific part of the show I won’t spoil because it’s SO brilliant and underrated and you should go and watch it immediately if you like soapy drama with lots of romance and intrigue.

10. What fictional monster would you not like to find hiding under your bed?

I honestly don’t know- maybe the Malamander from the book of the same name? I’d love to find Owsin the kobold from Starfell hiding under there though, because he’s AMAZING.

What would your answers to some of these be? Do you agree with any of mine? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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16 thoughts on “The Bedtime Book Tag”

      1. Part of the reason I tend not to talk about things that I don’t like is that I end up being a bit vicious when I’m not necessarily trying šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‚. Have you heard me talking about things I REALLY hate? I vividly remember sending someone a DM just after I finished the Loneliest Girl in the Universe where I wrote a fake review and from what I recall I was quite cutting šŸ˜‚


      2. Hahaha! Resting bitch face in comment form.
        I can be the same, though I have definitely mellowed and learned to bite my tongue/be more tactful as I’ve got older.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. A couple of things that I remember from it were roughly the gist of “Romy is one of the most annoying characters I have ever read about- I can’t think of a single thing I liked about her and I was pretty much hoping she’d die” and “afetr I finished this I was genuinely irritated that I’d wasted any of my time on it”


      4. Ouch! Though I do know that feeling – there are so many good books waiting to be read, getting stuck with a mediocre (or worse one) always leaves me a bit annoyed!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I was also baffled that anyone found it suspenseful- IT WAS SO OBVIOUS THE BADDIE WAS A BADDIE FROM THE SECOND THEY WERE INTRODUCED. And don’t start me on how bloody often Romy had her period- I’d have been halting the ship for a doctor if they were that irregular. And I hated the weird, kind of gory bits and the icky stuff- SO unnecessary. I REALLY don’t like that book, can you tell?

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