Five Shows I’ve Binge Watched in 2019 (so far)

Hello everybody! Today, it’s time for another TV post, this time about some shows I’ve binge watched this year so far that I want to recommend and screech about for a bit. Onto the post!

Cable Girls- I was very reluctant to start this and it takes a while to get going, but halfway through the first series it became AMAZING and I fell in love. I watched it in the original Spanish because my teachers kept saying to watch foreign language TV to improve my listening skills, which obviously takes a bit more energy than a TV show in your mother tongue and I would still watch 3 or 4 episodes of it in a row once it got going because it’s SO addictive. It’s about the very complicated lives of telephone operators in Madrid in the 1920s, and I adore this show. It’s dramatic and intriguing and full of romance and passion and love and danger, and I just LOVE it okay?! My favourite girl is Alba, because she’s just the best and I want to be as cool as her, and I’m Team Carlos if you’re wondering. The villains are some of the nastiest I’ve ever seen too, and I’m a big fan of lots of other characters such as Francisco and Elisa. I check for news on season 4 literally every day. I need it and I need it NOW because that cliffhanger was horrible. Also, I know this is shallow but The clothes in this show give me such life. Especially Alba’s.

Gilmore Girls– I watched this partly because of Charlotte and partly because I love Milo Vemtimiglia, and I liked it very much. Certain parts of it are definitely outtdated in 2019, but other than that I was a pretty big fan. It’s about unconventional mother/daughter duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, and their lives and loves over 7 seasons. Emily is SUCH a complex and fascinating and fabulous character who I adored utterly, and Paris was another fave. Luke is very, very lovely and while I’m not quite as in love with him as I am Jack in This is Us, I love Jess SO much. Stars Hollow is such a cute setting too- I loved all the eccentric people who live there and the small town feel that’s not dissimilar to Bluebell from Hart of Dixie. A really lovely show perfect for escapism.

Private Practise– I’ve only seen one season of this so far, because I finished it in like 2 days and then got obsessed with Depserate Housewives while waiting on the next DVD arriving (which took an age) but I will 100% go back to it, probably soon. It’s the Addison-centric Grey’s Anatomy spin off I’ve been meaning to watch for YEARS, and I’m so pleased that I love what I’ve seen because I adored Addison in the original show. I’m already very fond of her new coworkers/friends (10/10 would die for Dell already), and I like the wellness centre setting so much more than I’d expected to- it’s not boring or humdrum at all, and it packs SUCH an emotional punch a lot of the time. Definitely excited to return to this.

Big Little Lies– I have been reluctant to watch this for so long, even though everyone kept saying I’d like it because it’s basically Pretty Little Liars with older characters (I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that, but I did love it!), and I finally did and now I am obsessed. It’s about the lives of some mothers whose children are in the same class, and it’s SO much more thrilling than a show with that description has any right to be, possibly because you know straight off the bat that someone has died in the future, and you’re watching the events that led up to it. The acting is absolutely phenomenal from literally everyone (Maddy is just such a queen, while we’re talking about the characters. And I love Jane!) And now Meryl Streep’s joined the cast in season 2 it’s even better. Buy into the hype, here. It’s well deserved.

Desperate Housewives– I’m currently almost done with series 3 of this, and I’m VERY into it. Like Gilmore Girls, it is definitely outdated in some ways (more so than GG, I think) but it’s so addictive and intriguing and I do love it for that. None of the housewives are particularly likable people (except Susan, who is weirdly the only one I don’t like!) but I still love them all anyway and I want things to end up good for them. My fave is probably Bree, for her organisation and quiet and exacting but deadly means of handling any threats or issues, but really I like everyone. My fave partner is Carlos I think, though I’d like to specify I mean Carlos later on, because he was a horror at the start. But really all the men are kind of trash. I despise Tom especially! Very excited for more mystery and suburban drama as I keep watching, especially as Dana Delany will be arriving imminently and I bloody love her in her brief guest role in Castle.

Which shows have you binged this year, and would you recommend them? Have you seen any of these? I’d really love to hear in the comments and chat about them!

Amy x


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22 thoughts on “Five Shows I’ve Binge Watched in 2019 (so far)”

  1. Yes!! Team Jess here too!! He may have been an idiot at times but by the reunion season he is undoubtedly the only man who is actually worthy of her. I hated that they wrote him out- apparently it was for a spin off show that never got greenlit then it was too late to clunkily write him back in permanently.
    Jess was always Roryโ€™s Luke- rough round the edges but true of heart.

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    1. I absolutely loved him in the reunion! It was so weird seeing him looking like Jack but playing Jess though! I remember the backdoor pilot for the spinoff, and much as I love Milo I don’t think I could have watched it- if the backdoor was anything to go by it would have been awful. Do you remember the woman who was April’s mum? She was going to be Jess’s stepmum in it!
      Have you seen This is Us? He’s absolutely amazing in it and I love him so much. The rest of the cast is amazing too- my fave is probably Sterling K Brown as Randall but William is another fave x

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      1. No I havenโ€™t- I had a bit of a crush on Milo when Gilmore girls was doing its first reruns about 10 years ago and I discovered he was in a teen series with my absolute love Chris Evans ๐Ÿ’œ before Gilmore Girls where they were the first boys to be admitted to a all girls school and e4 was playing it late at night- it was pretty bad and was cancelled after 8 episodes but you could see the kernel of Jess that was taken to Gilmore Girls

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      2. I highly highly recommend it- it’s a very weird show in that it’ll make you believe so stronhly in the power of love but also make you realise that everything is trash because you can’t marry Jack or Randall one day. Or maybe that’s just a me thing ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. That Castle episode with Dana Delaney was awesome, and she is so good! I never watched Desperate Housewives and probably never will as that style of programme is totally not my thing but I loved her in Body of Proof. From the little I saw of Private Practice, I really like that too. I didn’t watch much Grey’s Anatomy as I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, but Addison was definitely the saving grace and the reason why I watched it for as long as I did. I loved her and the fact she has her own spin off makes everything better.

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    1. I am very strongly considering watching Body of Proof- I’ve liked the couple of episodes I’ve seen and it sounds like exactly my sort of thing! The Castle episodes with her are quite possibly some faves of the whole show for me- she was so good in that part and it always bugged me they didn’t make her recurring. Like they could have had it that every season they had a case the FBI got involved with or something ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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      1. Yeah that would have been pretty good. I mean I liked the majority of Castle anyway but that would have made it interesting!

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  3. I love reading TV posts! Oh my I am on season 6 of Gilmore Girl and though I love the character development and the plot, right now Im super angry at Rory because what the hell is she thinking by dropping out of Yale?????? And hmm, Logan isn’t bad too, but let’s see what happens bec a lot of people have been telling me not to expect a lot so fingers crossed!!!

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    1. I absolutely despised season 6 Rory! I wasn’t her biggest fan in general though, if I’m honest. I love Logan! He can be a bit of a twit sometimes, but I adore the actor in the Good Wife and I like him very much in GG too ๐Ÿ’œ

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      1. Oh whaaa heโ€™s in good wife?? Damn. I havenโ€™t watched that show but I kind of canโ€™t picture Logan not being Logan you know?? Haha. Just like seeing Jack in This is Us was like a whole new different level of happiness for me because of my perception of Jess lol

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    1. It used to be on Sky years ago and it sucks SO much that they removed it ๐Ÿ˜”. Cable Girls is INCREDIBLE and I need someone to discuss it with so please do send me your thoughts if you watch it x

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  4. I watched Gilmore Girls back in the day, although I still need to watch the revival episodes. Also loved Private Practice at the time, Amelia was fantastic – although the character had some pretty traumatic stuff to deal with!

    I saw you mentioned Body of Proof in the comments, I loved that, although there were only three seasons (I think) I could easily have watched more. I also loved Unforgettable with Poppy Montgomery (also loved her in Without A Trace)

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    1. I am planning to swap back soon as the last few seasons of Desperate Housewives are v expensive and I’m going to wait till after holiday and get them out of the library! So you shall be hearing more of my PP thoughts soon ๐Ÿ˜˜


  5. Great post!! I’m definitely going to check out Cable Girls. I also really want to watch Big Little Lies, but I want to read the book first and I haven’t gotten to it yet (what else is new, haha). I’m awful at binge watching shows, but the Netflix show I watched most recently was How to Get Away With Murder and I really liked the first few seasons! ๐Ÿ™‚

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