Ten Books from My Summer TBR

Hello everybody! Today, I’m taking part in Top Ten Tuesday, for which the theme today is your summer TBR. Onto the post!

Peril en Pointe– by the time you read this post, I’m hoping I’ll already be reading this book. It’s a mystery set in a ballet school, aka it sounds like exactly my sort of my book. I’m really, really hoping I’ll love it; I’m unbelievably excited to read it!

Find the Girl/All that Glitters– I’m going to be on the blog tour for the 2nd of Youtubers Lucy and Lydia Connell’s 2nd book next month, and Penguin very kindly sent me both books so I can read them, which I’m looking forward to. The twins have had some help from Katy Birchall in writing these and I really like her books, so I’m hoping I’ll like these too seeing as she’s been involved.

The Boy With the Butterfly Mind– this is another one I’m going to be on the blog tour for, in September this time. I really liked Victoria Williamson’s first book the Fox Girl and the White Gazelle, so I’m sure her 2nd will be just as enjoyable a read. It’s another dual narrative- this time about two children who are becoming part of the same blended family.

Pulp– I’ve been promising Louise I’d read this since before it even came out, because she read an advance copy and loved it. I’m not 100% sure I’ll like it if I’m honest, which is why I’m a tad apprehensive about picking it up, but I’m still willing to give it a try.

Podkin One-Ear– another one that was on my spring TBR list that I did a few months ago (I’m astounded I read all but two of that list!!), and another one I’ve been promising someone I’d read for a really long time (sorry it’s taking me so long Rachael!). I still know very little about it other than it’s a fantasy about rabbits…

My Box-Shaped Heart– I have been meaning to read this for ages (mostly because Aimee loves it so much), and it sounds like a really lovely romance- it’s about Holly and Ed, who both have pretty big problems in their home lives, who meet and fall in love via their local swimming pool.

The Little Grey Girl– I recently read and loved Begone the Raggedy Witches, and I really want to read this next in the series soon. I didn’t expect to love the first as much as I did, but I thought it was wonderful and I’m hoping this will be just as good.

The Paper and Hearts Society– this is the debut novel of Lucy Powrie, who is an amazing Booktuber that I admire and look up to so much, and it sounds absolutely amazing. It’s about a girl who moves to a new town and joins a book club, and makes friends with the various members in it and the ensuing bookish fun they share. I think it’s going to be a superb summer read!

The Good Thieves– this is the new Katherine Rundell, and while I didn’t get on with The Explorer, I’m very excited about giving this 1920s MG heist novel a go. The description makes it sound so good, and where I wouldn’t have picked up the Explorer if I hadn’t already liked something by the author at all, this is one I’d buy regardless of who wrote it.

The Butterfly Circus– this is another new one from June, and the gorgeous sunshine yellow cover makes it seem like a really good choice for summer. It sounds like a gorgeous story, too- it’s about sisters who live in a circus.

Hopefully, I’ll manage to read a lot more than these over the summer, but this gives a loose idea of what I might be reading and talking about over the next few months!

Which books are on your summer TBR? Do we have any in common, or do you have any thoughts on the books I’ve picked? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

Disabled book blogger who also writes TV, film, music and other posts from time to time | UKYABA Champion Teen 2018 | Email: goldenbooksgirl@gmail.com | she/her

33 thoughts on “Ten Books from My Summer TBR”

      1. I couldn’t hate you!! I can get that with TGWTST there’s one big thing I know you wouldn’t like in it from our previous conversations and I’m aware it is marmite in style, message & pace, I really enjoyed it for its difference in the age group but know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

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      2. I’m interested in your 2 reasons!! *Spoilers* Minnow’s physical disabilities are explained away as a result of magical heritage – her bones are part shark-person to explain why she has pains and couldn’t walk until she was 5 and struggles on land. Whilst that may be a nice escapism for a 7/8 year old it’s basically a ‘it goes away magically’ thing which I remember you didn’t like in the Ice Garden.

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      3. I got nowhere near that far but the disability rep was irritating me- her balance issues getting called clumsiness infuriated me especially. Balance problems are a big issue in my life (and I’ve had even more falls than usual recently so I’m especially iffy on it), and I just didn’t like the way it was done. REALLY glad I gave up on it so early now- I’d have been livid and very upset had I got to the end and read that. The otehr reason was the writing- I didn’t like the overall vibe and I felt like it kept hammering home the same information. If it told me Mercy’s hair was red one more time I think mine would have turned subconsciously red in solidarity 😂

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      4. Cerrie has a very early chapter style that has transferred here despite it being low MG and I was sure that would get on some nerves.
        The ‘clumsiness’ thing was off-key as clumsiness and dyspraxia and then physical disabilities are a whole different thing- I can be clumsy (I have so many bruises from banging my elbow on the bathroom door) but balance issues aren’t clumsiness. Clumsy is what cute girls are in Rom-coms, falls are not funny they hurt.
        In retrospect it helps a very narrow band of children but could be frustrating or confusing for others. I’m sorry it upset you 💜

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      5. My issues can definitely have features of lower level things like banging my arms off of things too, but with me it tends to be my whole body goes and it hurts a great deal because of the force I fall, if that makes sense? Lots of bigger stuff too of course e.g. issues with walking/standing, bigger falls. But yes, there’s a big difference between clumsiness à la romcom heroines who chip a nail off a desk when they “fall” and a person with an actual balance disorder 😔 x

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      6. Don’t apologise -it’s important and it’s part of who you are, you shouldn’t deny those things- ups downs, curves and edges those are the things that make you and not like someone else 💜

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    1. I really hope you enjoy PeP if you read it! I’m SO excited for Paper and Hearts 💜. I read the First chapter last week and I really wish I could have read it there and then (I would have had I not wanted to get through a review copy!) X

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  1. So far I’d say there’s about an equal mix of both! I love a bit of ballet in books so I’m quite liking that part of it too. I deliberately didn’t say the name because I know you loved this (Please don’t hate me!!!) but it was the Girl with the Shark’s Teeth x


  2. I adored The Little Grey Girl – I thought it was even better than the first one. I read both over a weekend. I’ve just bought The Butterfly Circus – not sure when I’ll get to read it as I’ve so many books on my TBR. I adored Podkin One-Ear and really need to read the next couple before Uki and the Outcasts is published!

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  3. Are you loving Peril en Pointe?! It sounds so you!
    I’m so pleased you’re still planning to read Podkin. If you get to it over Summer, I’ll be thrilled, but if not it would be a brilliant autumn read – a bit dark and foresty etc!

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    1. I’m REALLY liking it so far. I’m very much looking forward to diving back in later on (fingers crossed, I was planning to read some more yesterday night and then my neighbour started doing very loud DIY as per 🙄🙄). I am going to try VERY hard to read it over the summer, I promise! I feel bad it’s taken me this long 😂🙈

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      1. Oh don’t feel bad – think of all the books I’ve said I’ll read too and still not hot round to!
        Bloody DIY! So annoying and it’s always at a time when you’re just ready to relax/need quiet! Glad you’re enjoying Peril though!

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      2. 11!! That’s ridiculous! We were joking at the weekend about going out to cut the hedge at 6am since we’d all been up for an hour and it was a good time to do it while the road was quiet…but we’d never really do it at such an unsociable hour! Some people just don’t think do they?

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