Film Frenzy: May and June

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be talking about the films I watched in May and June- there are only a couple but I really enjoyed the majority. Onto the post!

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile– in this much talked about Ted Bundy biopic told from the perspective of his girlfriend, Zac Efron plays the infamous American serial killer in an incredibly chilling fashion. I was so impressed with the performance he gave, and Lily Collins is phenomenal as Liz also. It was a deeply chilling film to watch, of course, and an uncomfortable one, though I think the emphasis on how it affected Liz was a much more interesting angle for the director to take. Overall, just a well made and interesting film to watch.

Show Dogs– I didn’t really choose to watch this, and while it wasn’t bad it definitely isn’t something I’d watch again or particularly recommend- it’s about a police dog who has to go undercover at a dog show, though I can’t actually remember now how it comes about. There are a few funny lines, but it wasn’t especially memorable even though it passed the time well enough whilst watching.

Aladdin (2019)- this is definitely my new fave film of the year, sorry Dog Days! It’s easily one of Disney’s best live action remakes (and second only in my affections to Christopher Robin), I think largely due to the stellar cast. Mena Massoud was the perfect choice for the famous charming “street rat”, Naomi Scott of Lemonade Mouth fame did absolute justice to Princess Jasmine and made her even sassier and stronger than her wonderful animated counterpart and Will Smith was just amazing as the Genie. Jafar was pretty chilling too, and the CGI for the animal characters was so impressive. I was hooked throughout by the exciting plot, I fell absolutely in love with the characters and the world all over again and the music was SO great- new addition Speechless fits in seamlessly and all the old classics are given new life. Just WONDERFUL. On a more shallow note, Mena Massoud’s smile also bumped my enjoyment of this up a few notches…

What films have you seen in the past few months? Would you recommend them? What are your thoughts on those I’ve seen? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x

Author: goldenbooksgirl

Disabled book blogger who also writes TV, film, music and other posts from time to time | UKYABA Champion Teen 2018 | Email: | she/her

10 thoughts on “Film Frenzy: May and June”

  1. I really want to go and see Aladdin and Toy Story soon! I feel like I’ve barely been to the cinema or watched many films at all this year! Though the last film I saw was Rocketman which I did thoroughly enjoy.

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    1. I feel the exact same- I’ve only been to the cinema for Aladdin and I don’t think I’ve watched loads at home either. I really need to fit more in the second half of the year! I’m looking forward to seeing Toy Story 4 (might wait for the DVD though because I know the ending and I’ll be in bits 😭😂) and I definitely want to see Lion King. I’d quite like to see Yesterday and the Bruce Springsteen one that’s coming out but I’m not sure if I’ll see them in the cinema or not yet! X

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      1. Oh yes to the Lion King and to seeing Yesterday! They all look really great but if I’m honest the film I cannot wait for is going to be the Rise of Skywalker in December!

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  2. Haha i saw both extremely wicked and Aladdin this month. Aaah I LOVED Aladdin! I’ve gushed about it in my monthly wrap-up which I posted a while ago. And extremely wicked is obviously so shocking esp after the ted bundy tapes on Netflix too. It’s like you can never get enough of that chilly tale!


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