All that Glitters Blog Tour: Disney Q&A and Review

Hello everybody! Today, I’m part of the All that Glitters blog tour, with a mini Q and A on the theme of Disney with one of its authors Lucy Connell (which is one of my faves!) And also my review of the book. Onto the post!

Disney Q and A

1. Who are your favourite Disney characters?

My favourite questions!! My favourite characters are Minnie Mouse (OBVIOUSLY) and if I had to pick Disney princess, I would pick either Princess Jasmine or Mulan! ❤️ Lydia’s favourites are Mickey Mouse and Belle!

2. Which Disney characters are Nina and Nancy most like?

Ohhhhh! I would say Nina is most like Belle, she loves reading and keeps herself to herself and she has a beautiful singing voice! She sees the best in everyone! Nancy’s personality is either like Ariel or Jasmine. They both are independent, strong characters, speak their mind and passionate!

3. Nancy is trying to win an internship at Disney in “Find the Girl: All that Glitters” – what company would be your dream place to win an internship at?

We would have to say DISNEY! This is why we chose this as the internship in our book! That would be the ultimate dream! Or a record label as we both love music, this is more Nina!


In this sequel to Find the Girl, we pick up not too long after where we left twins Nina and Nancy at the last book, as pianist Nina is accepted to a music course at the prestigious Guildhalll and Nancy pursues an exciting internship with Disney. They’re also navigating their respective romances with members of the boyband Chasing Chords- Nina’s relationship with Chase is getting a bit rocky and Nancy is getting closer to drummer Miles- and the return of their absent father. I definitely enjoyed this book more than the first one as I thought the plot was more interesting to follow, and I grew much fonder of both twins- I had struggled a little bit with Nancy in book one especially but I loved seeing a different, more likable side to her with Miles. The romances were still my favourite thing, though, because they’re super cute and sweet; I think both couples work so well. I also really liked the ending of this- it was very cleverly done in that it wrapped things up well enough for it to be the end of the series, but also left things to be explored should there be another. If you like light younger YA, this series is definitely worth a look! 4/5

Have you read these books? Who is your favourite Disney character? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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9 thoughts on “All that Glitters Blog Tour: Disney Q&A and Review”

  1. Favourite Princess i want to say Rapunzel but is probably a choice between Mulan for her strength & determination AND Merida for her indignation , outrage and refusal to live up to the tropes & princess expectations!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I adore Elsa & Anna too
        But You may know how much I want to slap Cinderella silly and tell her to buck up, walk out and strike out on her own even if it means working as a domestic servant/cleaner can’t be any worse than what she’s been living in plus she has the skill set already she’d be in demand . That or tell her step mum & sisters to GET OUT.
        And Princey Boy, just cause he looks good in uniform and dances is not a reason to dedicate to a lifelong marriage under public scrutiny because you know he’s going to be the king.
        Apologies!!! Cinderella makes me rant.

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  2. Ooh I’ve never heard of these books but I might have to look them out.

    Without question the best Disney Princess is Pocahontas (if we ignore the whole rather tragic real story) of course Elsa is the Queen and overall most wonderful member of the Disney royalty


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