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Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be talking about Taylor Swift’ s new album Lover, which I’ve been super excited about since LONG before it even started being teased. It marks a return to light after the darkness of Reputation, and I really enjoyed listening to it and seeing what a different place she’s in. Onto the post!

I Forgot That You Existed– I can’t stop laughing that this is (almost certainly) the first song she’s ever written about Calvin Harris and it’s about how forgettable he is. Taylor is still the queen of shade, and I love her for this immensely. The bouncy synths are brilliant and I’m very into the lyrics and the way she sings them. And the LAUGHTER. I love a bit of mid-song laughter.

Cruel Summer– this is about the romantic portion of the now infamous summer of 2016, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s been getting a lot of hype, but it’s definitely not my favourite and if it had been released as a single I don’t think my excitement levels would have been anywhere near as high last Friday. That said, it is catchy (certain parts really remind me of Getaway Car, which makes me wonder if it might be about Tom Hiddleston rather than Joe Alwyn) and I’m getting to like it more each time I listen. The high pitched vocal secyion in the prechorus is probably my personal highlight.

Lover- this is like this album’s New Year’s Day, and it’s such a dreamy love ballad. I love how chilled and relaxing it is to listen to, and the simplistic production lets the lyrics really shine. My favourite part is most definitely the bridge, because Taylor was NOT kidding when she said this song goes to Bridge City.

The Man– I have been SO excited for this since it got announced. It’s about Taylor imagining how certain things she’s done/doing would be interpreted differently if she were a man, and it’s so interesting. I really the synths and drums, and I’m obsessed with the vocals, but the real standouts here are the lyrics (which are genius and so true) and also the very Blank Space-esque vibe it’s going.

The Archer– I’m not sure I’d say this sticks to the track 5 is the most vulnerable tradition (although I don’t think some of others are either, and my fave one is hands down the least vulnerable…), but I really like it anyway. It’s about insecurities and self sabotage, and it’s an interesting idea for a song well explored- the lyr

I Think He Knows– this song sounds like a bit like Billie Eilish to me, if Billie Eilish wrote chirpier songs, and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Like Cruel Summer, it’s definitely growing on me, but it’s definitely not a fave for me.

Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince– at first listen, I thought this was about the same period of time that Call It What You Want despite Taylor saying it’s about politics, but after a few listens it’s easy to pick out the metaphors and it’s so clever. I love the extended American high school metaphor and the lyrics, the vocal is gorgeous and the production is SO GOOD. I especially love the singsong backing vocals.

Paper Rings– this is so cute and I am SO here for it. It’s about just wanting the person you love, and not needing anything flashy to show for it. It’s like a grown up version of the song at the end of Grease, and it’s so catchy I’ve hardly stopped singing it since I first listened. Also, can we talk about how excellent the drums are throughout this. I like them a LOT.

Cornelia Street– if Red ranks higher on your preferred Taylor Swift albums than mine, you’ll probably be more obsessed with this than I am. I do like it, as I do Red, but it’s not a personal new fave. The storytelling is very reminiscent of Red in that it’s very detail-oriented (it feels like the version of All Too Well where they’ve not broke up to me) and a lot of it’s really pretty in terms of how it sounds. The only bit I don’t like is the super breathy part of the chorus, which is a shame because I don’t even know why and the rest of the chorus is one of my favourite parts (the other is the bridge!)

Death by a Thousand Cuts- I really don’t like the intro to this, but it’s pretty decent otherwise- it’s a breakup song based on the film Someone Great (which I’ve not seen, but do quite fancy) and I really like Taylor’s vocals on it. It’s not a favourite for me, but it’s not a skip either.

London Boy- I know everyone thinks this song is just hilarious, but I love it. It’s about Taylor falling in love with someone from the other side of the Atlantic, and how much she likes the British lifestyle. It’s SO fun, and also exceptionally catchy! I really, really love it (although I’ve concede to the fact that the Stella McCartney line is a bit cringe)

Soon You’ll Get Better (feat. Dixie Chicks)- this is about the return of Andrea Swift’s cancer, and it’s hands down the most heartbreaking thing Taylor has ever written. I can’t make it through even the first verse before I start crying; it’s just stunning. And I think having the Dixie Chicks on the track when her mum loves them makes it even more special.

False God- I don’t have much to say about this other than that I’m seriously not keen so far. It might grow on me, but so far I’ve struggled to listen to the end each time I try. And writing this shortly after one of these listens, I don’t think I could quote you a single line.

You Need to Calm Down- this was the second single from the album, and I am very, very into it. It reminds me quite a lot of Shake It Off, and it’s about Internet haters for the most part. Taylor is a really clever lyricist, and I love the ones in this song- they really convey the message but they’re also incredibly fun. Also, I SCREAMED with joy when I first heard the “shade never made anybody less gay” line. The synyhs are great too.

Afterglow- this is about the aftermath of a fight, and it’s great. The vocals on the chorus are some of my faves on the album, and the drumbeat throughout is fabulous. The bridge is absolutely AMAZING as well. And I’m so into the slowed down chorus afterwards (I love a slow chorus in general)

Me! (Feat. Brendon Urie)- if you know me, you will know that I love both Brendon Urie and Taylor Swift an immense amount, so when news broke the night before this got released that this was a thing I legit thought it might be an elaborate prank at my expense because I was THRILLED. It was not a prank, and I love this song. Yes, it is silly and lighthearted, and that is the entire point, even though lots of people on the Internet seem to have missed that memo. It’s really fun with great production and vocals, and the music video is an absolute treat! And Taylor and Brendon’s friendship is just 😍😍😍

It’s Nice to Have a Friend- everyone is absolutely right when they say this is very reminiscent of the Big Little Lies theme tune, but even though it does slightly feel like there will be a twist at the end that the whole thing is about a murder, it’s really lovely. It’s kind of like a more chilled “Stay Stay Stay” with well-written lyrics about a romance between childhood friends.

Daylight- this is such a classic last track for Taylor; it’s another quite stripped back one with goregous synths and it’s so beautiful. I especially love the lyrical callbacks to her other songs (especially the Red one). I really loved the live performance of it as well. I feel like, overall, this just sums up what this album is all about.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift/this album? What are your thoughts on Lover? I’d really love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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  1. I’m sure you know by now how utterly rubbish I am with music and remembering song titles. I enjoyed what I listened to of this with my niece at the weekend, and am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album at some point

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