My Most Anticipated Releases- September 2019

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be telling you about the books out next month that I’m most excited for, of which there are quite a few! Onto the post!

The Girl Who Speaks Bear– I loved Sophie Anderson’s first book the House with Chicken Legs, so I’d have been picking up her second regardless of what it was or was about. Luckily, this sounds excellent as well; it’s the retelling of another lesser known folk tale/myth from Russia and focuses on a girl named Yanka who is swept up in a magical adventure. I think it’s going to be amazing, and an excellent autumnal read especially.

The Haunting of Peligan City– I read and really liked the first in this series in April, and I’m looking forward to going back to its Blade Runner-esque world for more detective-noir goodness. I’m especially excited to learn more of the titular Peligan City’s secrets.

Tilly and the Lost Fairytales– I read the first Pages and Co book last year and thus I am SUPER excited to return to a world where you can quite literally visit your favourite stories. This one sees Tilly and her friend Oskar go to Paris and has a focus on fairytales, and it just sounds totally fabulous. Weather permitting, this will be a perfect under a blanket book.

The Time of Green Magic– I’ve only read one Hilary Mckay to date, and I must admit I wasn’t super keen, but I really like the sound of both this and the Skylarks’ War so plan to read both. This one is about children who become part of a blended family discovering a mysterious creature and having to work out what it is and where it came from, becoming closer to each other in the process. I don’t know much more than that, but it comes highly recommended by Rachael so I’m excited to give it a try.

Tunnel of Bones– I really enjoyed the first in this series- which introduces a girl named Cass who can see ghosts, including her best friend Jacob- last year and this installment is going to see her, Jacob and her paronormal investigator parents take on Paris. I definitely feel like this will be another one I’m going to immensely enjoy snuggling under a blanket with, and I may try and save it for Halloween more successfully this year (last year I held out too long and only read the teensiest bit on actual Halloween!)

The Turnkey of Highgate Cemetery– this is one of just two books on this list where I’ve not read from the author before, and I’m very excited about it. Like I said in a recent Top Ten Tuesday post, I quite often enjoy cemetery settings and this sounds like it’ll be a great one- it’s about Flossie, the Turnkey of the cemetery, who is having difficulty fulfilling her task of keeping the souls at rest during World War Two, and a mystery she is drawn into involving a soldier.

The Battle for Perfect– I’m very sad that this might be the last of the Perfect books (which I’ve really enjoyed both of so far), but I’m still excited to read it nonetheless. In this one, a zombie army is threating Town, and Violet and Boy must work to stop them and save their home. I’m sure it’ll be just as gripping and mysterious as its predecessors.

Trouble in New York– I read and really enjoyed Secrets of the Night Train by this author last year, so it’s an absolute no-brainer to pick up this 1960s New York set mystery about a boy named Jamie who is desperate to become a journalist investigating the disappearance of a missing actress. Sylvia Bishop writes really brilliant, interesting characters and settings, and I think this plot will lend itself so well to her writing style.

The Ten Thousand Doors of January– I hadn’t really heard of this until I heard Justine speak about it, but once I did I knew I definitely wanted to pick it up. It’s about a girl named January who lives as the lonely ward of a wealthy man in his house of curiosities, until she one day finds a mysterious book that changes her life and teaches her more about who she is. I love the sound of this premise and I think this is a portal fantasy, which I tend to enjoy.

What are your most anticipated September releases? Have we got any in common, and are you adding any from my list to yours? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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13 thoughts on “My Most Anticipated Releases- September 2019”

  1. Just home from holiday to find a copy of The Girl Who Speaks Bear waiting for me – really loved The House with Chicken Legs so I’m really looking forward to reading this. I read Tilly and the Lost Fairytales via NetGalley – enjoyed the fairytale world building. Looking forward to The Time of Green Magic although I haven’t read any of her other books yet but this sounds really wonderful.

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    1. Hope you enjoy the Girl Who Speaks Bear, and that you had a nice holiday! Glad you enjoyed the 2nd Pages and Co, and I’m definitely excited to give the Hilary McKay one a try because it sounds fab 💜

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  2. So many good books out this month. You know how much I loved both Hilary McKay’s 2 and The Girl Who Speaks Bear so I really hope you love them too!
    I’m keen to read the final Perfect book, as I really enjoyed book 1 although I wasn’t as keen on book 2. Excited to see new Sylvia Bishop though, I’d missed that and think she’s great so that’s one I’ll definitely be reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s a brilliant month for releases! There are loads I’m excited for in October too, and even a couple of new ones in November. You are definitely a big reason that I’m hoping to prioritise those ones, and I’m glad you know about the Sylvia Bishop now! I know you love her, and this one just sounds so good! X

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