Film Frenzy: July and August

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be talking about the films I’ve watched in the last few months, which are a mixed but generally positive bunch! Onto the post!

The Lion King- the original Lion King is one of my favourite Disneys, so I was really pleased that I also loved the live action version. The voice cast were excellent choices for their roles, I loved the CGI and the cinematography was totally stunnjng. I also thought the music was brilliant- I especially loved I Just Can’t Wait to Be King. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was Be Prepared, which is my favourite Lion King song, because it was cut so short and it just didn’t live up to how epic the original was.

Always be My Maybe– the afternoon I watched this I was in desperate need of some romcom goodness to take my mind off pain from a fall and sickness, and unfortunately it just didn’t deliver. It takes a ridiculous length of time to get going, and it could have done with being much shorter. I also just didn’t really click with the humour, or feel invested in the characters and their getting together. However, I fully acknowledge I am the unpopular opinion with this, so you may still enjoy it.

Falling Inn Love– I enjoyed this so much, even though it is absolutely chock full of clichés and the plot was so predictable I could have literally written it myself. It’s about a woman who moves to New Zealand to renovate the inn she’s just won online, with the help of a handsome local contractor. The two leads have great chemistry with each other, and I thought the supporting characters were well cast as well. I also liked the humour, particularly how it uses the fish out of water trope. I do kind of wish there was a bigger romantic gesture at the end, but the one that does happen is quite cute so I’ll let it slide!

Which films have you watched in the last couple of months? Are you planning to see or have you already seen the ones I saw? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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11 thoughts on “Film Frenzy: July and August”

  1. I have also watched Always be my maybe- and I rather enjoyed it, maybe because the characters are closer to my age?? Plus Keanu Reeves was epic in it!!
    I haven’t watched that many films to be honest we’ve been enjoying series as I rewatched the entire 3 series of Stranger Things (first time for my mum) watched the new series of Glow and then I rewatched both seasons of Derry Girls!!

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    1. Oh but I am planning on going to see the Downton film with my mum who is the biggest fan but my dad is t that bothered about seeing it so she won’t ask him so come hell or high water she will see it in the cinema!

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    2. I wondered if it might be because of that too- I’m usually alright with adult characters but I just couldn’t take to this one at all! I’ve mostly been watching series too, it was at the point this post nearly got cancelled towards the end of August 😂. Hope you enjoy the Downton film! X

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  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the new Lion King, I am bring a total old stick in the mud about it and refusing to move with the times and watch it!
    Did you see the new toy story yet?x

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    1. I haven’t 🙈. I think I’ll be waiting for the DVD now, but I’m excited to see it at some point! New Lion King is brilliant, but if you watch it be prepared to be disappointed with Be Prepared! X

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