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Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be doing the Library Loves tag, which I was tagged for by its creator Jess. If you’d like to learn more about Library Loves, you can watch her video about it here. Onto the post!

1. When did you first go to the library/get a library card?

I think I was about 4, although I can’t 100% remember and neither can my mum and dad so I can’t be totally sure.

2. How often do you use your library?

I’d say I go in probably every second week, but sometimes more and sometimes less.

3. Have you ever had a late/lost library book?

Yes to late! Although it was only by a day so I don’t feel that guilty. Lost is a bit more complicated, they claimed I lost Billie Templar’s War but I didn’t and I maintain my innocence to this day.

4. What’s your favourite thing about your library?

Ooh that’s hard! I really like the staff, most of whom I’m quite friendly with, and also I think we get some really great books in which I love,

5. Are you a browser or do you plan what you take out?

Plan!! I can’t remember the last time I just absentmindedly browsed actually.

6. Name a book you took a chance on from the library

I wouldn’t have bought Girl 38, so I suppose that? I loved it, it’s an amazing MG that blends contemporary and historical.

7. What is the best book you’ve read from the library?

I think Running on the Roof of the World, or maybe the Children of Castle Rock. I consider both favourite books of all time and have my own copies now.

8. Have you ever taken out the same book multiple times?

Yes! I remember doing it with the Day I Met Suzie (massively underrated dark contemporary/thriller) and the Lost and the Found.

9. Have you ever read a good book set in a library?

I probably have, but I can’t think what. Some on my TBR are By Your Side and Sorcery of Thorns.

10. Have you used your library’s ebook/audiobook options?

I haven’t! I don’t really use other formats though, plus I know the options are quite limited. I won’t rule out trying the audiobooks in the future but I’m not in a rush to.

11. Which is the best library you’ve been to?

My local one I think. I’ve not really been to that many.

12. What would make you use your library more?

I use it a lot already I think! If they got in more books I want I suppose? But they’re pretty good stock wise to be fair!

Are you planning to take on this tag? What are your favourite things about libraries? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x

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