Ten Books That Feature Ghosts

Hello everybody! Today, I’m taking part in Top Ten Tuesday, and for my Halloween freebie post I’ve decided to do books that feature ghosts. Some of these are cheating slightly, but I had a lot of fun writing this list so I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about the books too. Onto the post!

Shadows of Winterspell– this was a very recent read for me, and one I enjoyed immensely. Amy Wilson always writes so beautifully, and her worlds and magic systems are so clever. The ghost in this is main character Stella’s grandmother, who is her guardian.

The Little Grey Girl– this is the second book in the Wild Magic trilogy and it sees Mup facing off against the ghosts of the castle her mum has just become queen of. It’s a really unusual and interesting fantasy that’s honestly RIDICULOUSLY underrated.

Frost Hollow Hall– this is probably my fave ghost story ever. Is anyone surprised? I love Emma Carroll the absolute most- she’s such an amazing writer and I love all her books so much, including this, which is her hugely impressive debut about a very spooky house and a girl named Tilly who gets caught up in it’s history.

Murder Most Unladylike– technically, this doesn’t REALLY have a ghost but there are rumours that Deepdean has ghosts and therefore it’s getting shoehorned in because I ADORE the Murder Most Unladylike books and I’ll take any excuse to recommend them, to be quite honest. The séance scene is hilarious!

Wildspark– this takes place in a world where inventors have worked out a way to capture the spirits of dead people in animal-like “ghost machines” and it’s brilliant- like the best bits of Harry Potter and His Dark Materials combined, but with its own unique plot and style too. Just amazing; Vashti Hardy’s a superstar.

Evie’s Ghost– this is about a girl named Evie who goes to stay with a family friend she’s never met before, who ends up being transported to the past so she can help the ghost of the house. It’s fantastic, perfect for fans of Emma Carroll (as is Helen Peters’ other historical Anna at War, but there’s no ghosts in that!)

The Graveyard Book– I LOVE the Graveyard Book, which I feel like is a thing you might not know as it’s not something I talk about that often. It takes place in a graveyard, so a significant portion of the cast are unsurprisingly ghosts, although the main character is not- the general premise is that it’s about a human boy who is orphaned when a man named Jack (who has a penchant for holding knives in the dark…) and goes to live in a graveyard. It’s apparently a retelling og the Jungle Book, and it’s so wonderful; 10/10 recommend.

Harry Potter– this is a pretty well known one! There are more at various points in the series, but there are the four house ghosts who are pretty interesting and Peeves the poltergeist (his absence in the films is one of the reasons I hate them) at a bare minimum.

Mountwood School for Ghosts- not going to lie, I barely remember this now but I do know that I lived it when it came out, so onto the list it goes!

Winter Term at Malory Towers– this is one of the Pamela Cox Malory Towers books from the late noughties, which I ADORED as a child. This one features a play, a very evil mistress and most importantly a scene based around ghosts- there aren’t really any ghosts in this, but someone does dress up as one and it’s an incredibly fun scene.

What are some of your favourite books that feature ghosts? What do you think of my choices? I’ve no doubt left off some glaringly obvious ones! Let me know in the comments!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

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8 thoughts on “Ten Books That Feature Ghosts”

  1. Great choices! I’m posting mine later today – also decided to go for books with ghosts. We have a couple the same! I completely agree re The Little Grey Girl- it has such a powerful depiction of the ghost and was one of my favourite reads this year!

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      1. I completely agree – Celine is an incredible writer. Little Grey Girl is one of my favourite reads this year! She’s also lovely – sent me signed postcards and posters for my class library.


  2. I still haven’t read The Graveyard Book, it’s one of those books I feel I should read but am just not that bothered about actually reading so never get round to!
    I love how you managed to get MMU in there – that seance is brilliant, you’re right!

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