My Most Anticipated March Releases

Hello everybody, happy Saturday! Today, since it’s the last day of Feburary, I’m going to be sharing my most anticipated releases for the month of March, which I’m SO looking forward to! Onto the post!

The Pear Affair– this is hands down my most anticipated of the month, I thought the Secret Starling was AMAZING and this sounds even better. It’s Judith Eagle’s second book, and it’s about a girl named Nell who goes to Paris with her disengaged, selfish parents to try and track down her beloved former au pair, who has recently stopped sending her letters. I love mysteries, I love history and Paris is one of my favourite settings ever. I am going to love this.

The Love Hypothesis– this is the new Laura Steven, and whilst I’m nervous that it’s her first YA without Izzy O’ Neill (all hail the queen), I think this will be incredible too. It’s about a girl named Caro who is a genius at physics but a bit hopeless at love, who seemingly discovers a formula to make anyone fall in love with you. I love a good romcom with an interesting hook, and I think this sounds incredibly fun, plus I’ve heard quite a bit about the couple in this being utterly adorable. Also, Caro’s dads are HILARIOUS based on the extracts I’ve seen on Twitter. I’m almost certain reading this will be an utter JOY.

The Map from Here to There– if you’ve not been around for a while, you probably won’t know that Emery Lord is one of my absolute favourite authors and I have been waiting for like a year and a half for this. And this is going to have been worth that wait, because it’s the sequel to the first Emery Lord I ever read in 2017, the Start of Me and You, and I cannot wait to see Paige and Max again to a level I just can’t even describe. I’m genuinely crying sitting here just writing about this book, so once it’s actually in my hands I might just dissolve into a puddle in Waterstones.

And the Stars Were Burning Brightly– I don’t know if this is something I’ll 100% love but I have heard incredible things about it, and that cover is so beautiful it could tempt me to try it if it was pretty much anything. The reason I feel like I might love this is that it sounds like YA The Apple Tart of Hope, and I loved that book so much- it’s about a boy who discovers his brother has taken his own life and him investigating why with a girl called Megan.

The Threads of Magic– I hadn’t heard of this until Louise recieved a review copy, and it sounds amazing so I’m so glad I saw it. It’s about a pickpocket who gets caught up in a dangerous fantasy adventure after stealing from the wrong man and unwittingly breaking an ancient spell. I’m very excited for this now!

What are your most anticipated March releases? Do we have any in common? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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