My Most Anticipated April Releases

Hello everybody! Today, I’m very excited to be sharing my most anticipated list for the month of April- there are so many books I’m excited for, and I seriously can’t wait to lose myself in their pages for a bit. There are loads of really exciting releases this month so onto the post!

Where the Wilderness Lives– I have very very little idea of what this book is about, other than it’s set in Wales and focuses in some way on nature. Nonetheless, it’s easily my most anticipated release of April because it’s by Jess Butterworth and I’d quite merrily pick up her rewrite of the phone book, or one of her shopping lists. All of her books are incredible.

The Cut Throat Cafe– I’ve really enjoyed both the Seth Seppi mysteries so far, so I was really pleased when this arrived in the post! They’re really fun in that they’re murder mysteries that take place in a fantasy world, and I really love the way Nicki Thornton combines these two genres. This one will see Seth and his spectacular, sassy cat Nightshade move to a new town, where Seth is to become a magic apprentice, and try to work out why the apprentices at the Scrumdiddlyumptious Cafe keep dying.

The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley– I’ve loved both of Amber Lee Dodd’s previous books, so I’d likely have read her 3rd regardless of whether I liked the synopsis. Luckily, this sounds amazing anyway: its about a boy named Noah, whose family is cursed to never be able to stay in one house for long without disaster striking, and him trying to make sure they can stay in their thirteenth home because he’s finally made friends and has his own room and has never been happier. I can’t wait to meet him soon!

The House of Hidden Wonders– I’m planning to read this next because I got sent a copy but at the time of writing I’ve not started, hence it’s still on this list. I really enjoyed the Golden Butterfly when I read it around this time last year, and this mystery set in Victorian Edinburgh sounds like great fun, and I’m excited about the mention of ghosts in the blurb too.

Mic Drop– another mystery, but this time set in current day London, and focusing on siblings Nik and Norva! The first book (High-Rise Mystery) was really good, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again soon in this sequel, which sees them try to solve the murder of a pop star who had been filming a new music video where they live.

Ghost Squad– this is a US middle grade release, and I’m fairly sure a debut, and it sounds fab- its about a girl called Lucely, who along with her best friend Sid, casts a spell that awakens malicious forces and them having to deal with them. I’m hoping for Anna Meriano type vibes and I think there’s a really good chance this will give me them!

The Strangeworlds Travel Agency– this is one of my most anticipated debuts of this year, and it sounds so magical and wonderful. It’s about a girl named Flick who wanders into a travel agency, and soon discovers that if she jumps into the suitcases there they’ll take her to other worlds, and in true MG fantasy fashion, she’s soon swept up in an adventure to save them. I genuinely can’t wait for this; I think it’ll be incredible, and I’m even more excited that it’s part of a series.

Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue– I thought the first book in this series was LOVELY so I’m of course planning to pick up the sequel. It’s about a group of animals called Noah’s Ark, who are secretly helping the war effort at the feet of the human soldiers and spies. This book sees our protagonist Pip, the eponymous umbrella mouse, trying to reach her ancestral home at Italy’s Umbrella Museum.

Fig Swims the World– this is another one that I’ve already been sent and just haven’t got to yet, but it sounds great! It’s about a girl who decides to swim the world to defy her controlling mother. It’s been recommended for fans of Geek Girl, and they are some of my favourite books ever so I really hope it lives up to my expectations.

On Midnight Beach– this is YA set in the 70s, and it’s about a group of teenagers coming together after a dolphin takes up residence in Carrig Cove, and the other consequences of this for the residents of the small Irish town. I’m very intrigued, especially as the blurb doesn’t give much away. Also, the cover is stunning, and I am shallow enough that it piqued my interest enough to read it regardless.

The Pieces of Ourselves– this is the new Maggie Harcourt, and given how much I enjoyed Theatrical I think I’m going to adore this because it sounds even more up my alley: it’s about a girl named Flora and a boy named Hal, who fall in love whilst researching the life of a World War I soldier together. History and romance combined is one of my favourite things, and I REALLY want to know what the “incident” referred to in the blurb is because it’s phrased in such an intriguing way!

Good Girl, Bad Blood– A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder was my favourite YA of 2019, so I’m absolutely dying to get my hands on the sequel. It sees Pip and Ravi adapting to the way their lives have changed since solving Andi’s murder, and investigating the disappearance of Jamie Reynolds. If it’s even half as good as the first, it’ll be AMAZING.

The Switch– I read the Flatshare during a few days where I was particularly ill last year when I was stuck in bed on holiday, and it made what was otherwise a miserable experience a lot brighter. This is that author’s second book, and this one sees a granddaughter and grandmother swap locations because they’re both bored of their lives and being their ages, and fancy a change for a couple of months. I expect hijinks and romance ensues, because a handsome teacher gets a mention in the blurb, and I strongly suspect I will love this.

Would Like to Meet– I’m not 100% sure, but I’m fairly sure this is Rachel Winters’ debut and it sounds so much like something I’ll love that I might cry if I don’t. It’s about long suffering assistant Evie Summers as she is forced to work with her film agency’s biggest client in order to make him finish his romcom script; he wants her to fall in love to inspire him, but she’s only allowed to do it in a way befitting a romcom. So I’m assuming she’ll fall in love with Ezra, and it’ll be romantic and lovely and brilliant. Also, as a sidenote Evie and Ezra are two of my favourite names ever!

Which books are you most excited about next month? Do we have any in common, or do you have some I don’t that you’d want to recommend? I’d love to hear in the comments! Amy x


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8 thoughts on “My Most Anticipated April Releases”

  1. Lots here I’m looking forward to reading as well! And a fair few of the teen/YA ones that I probably won’t read but will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on.

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  2. Aaaaah I’m like yes yes yes on many of these. So jealous you have a cut throat cafe!!!! And the House of Hidden wonders is LOVELY!!!!!!! You will love it- hidden voices of women in history 💜

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