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Hello everybody! At the end of last year I fell in love with a show, to the point that when I finished it in January I immediately started rewatching it. As you’ll likely have guessed from the title, this show was One Tree Hill, and since I’m coming to the end of my rewatch very soon I thought it would be fun todo the book tag I found based on the show, which also contains my opinions about the characters mentioned in the prompts for extra fun! Onto the post!

1. Nathan Scott. A talented basketball player, name a character with a talent you want.

Nathan is basically my favourite fictional man, full stop. I would like to marry him. I’m trying and utterly failing to think of someone who can play guitar and sing, but anyone who can do those please! I love listening to music so much and I wish I had even a teensy bit of musical ability so I could love music from that side of it too.

2. Lucas Scott. He’s loved Peyton forever, name one of your first fictional crushes.

Luke and Peyton have the most gorgeous star-crossed lovers romance basically ever, even though Luke can be a bit… difficult to like sometimes, and if Naley didn’t offer up such stiff competition they’d probably be my favourite TV couple ever. My first book crush ever was Aidan from the Pony Club Secrets books. My most recent was Jamie in If I Never Met You

3. Haley James. She’s the classic good girl, name a fierce character with a good side.

I can think of a few answers for this, but I think I’m going to go for Sorrow Ventaxis from the Sorrow duology. She’s definitely no wallflower and she’s extremely good at standing up for herself, and she has a really good heart and wants to do the right thing for as many people as she possibly can.

4. Peyton Sawyer. She had so much heartbreak, name an emotionally strong character.

Peyton’s my absolute favourite character on the show, which I think is part of the reason why I struggle to like Quinn so much; the show just isn’t the same for me without my P. Sawyer. Anna in Anna at War is an absolute queen, so I think I’ll go for her here, although I can think of so many amazing characters that deserve a shout out here.

5. Brooke Davis. From the drunk high school cheerleader to successful business woman, name a character with the best character development.

I bloody love Brooke (other than in the Peyton/Brooke war of season 4, in which I am staunchly team Peyton, obviously).

6. Mouth McFadden. He was a side character turned main character, name your favourite side character.

Fun fact: I adore Mouth. I genuinely cried when I saw him in the title sequence for the first time (I wish I was joking). I’m still raging he didn’t end up with someone different to who he really did (not naming names but if you watch the show you could probably guess!). Therefore, I wanted someone who was really special to be my bookish Mouth, so I think it has to be Beanie from the Murder Most Unladylike books. I want to wrap her up in cotton wool and shout at anyone who tries to upset my darling.

7. Julian Baker. Film producer, so name your favourite adaption.

Oh Julian, lovely Julian. Brooke deserved someone really special and I’m so glad it was him (although Owen would have made literally just about anyone look like Mr Perfect, and I did always like her with Chase as well to be fair to him. Don’t even start me on how they ruined Chase…). I think this probably has to be Love, Simon (although I do still prefer Simon Vs)

8. Clay Evans. He does everything to protect Nathan and his career, name your favourite male character.

While Clay isn’t my personal fave on the show, I do really like him. My favourite male character character is definitely Ade from Boy in the Tower, he’s such a darling and he definitely tries to protect the people around him.

9. Quinn James. Strong, gorgeous and a fantastic photographer, name your favourite female character.

Quinn is also definitely NOT my favourite woman on the show, but I think my favourite woman/girl in a book is Hazel Wong from the Murder Most Unladylike series. Which is a very predictable answer for me!

10. Dan Scott. An awful man who gets some redemption in the end, name a character in the same circumstances.

Having just watched Danny Boy, I’m feeling very warm towards Dan at the moment- it’s such a nuanced episode that doesn’t excuse what he’s done but also shows his better side. The obvious answer to this is of course Snape, but I didn’t think he deserved such a nice redemption, tbh. I can’t say the name of the character without a spoiler, but I liked the bit of redemption one of the villains in the Mortal Instruments series gets in City of Heavenly Fire.

11. Tree Hill, North Carolina. Name a fictional place you would like to visit.

I don’t want to visit very many fictional worlds on account of the fact I think I’d die fairly quickly. Maybe Nevermoor with the strict stipulation I want to go when it’s peaceful?

Thank you so much for reading! Are you a Tree Hill fan? What are your thoughts on the books/characters I’ve mentioned? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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