Blog Tour Review: Gemma’s Not Sure

Hello everybody! Today, I’m incredibly excited to be sharing my review for Gemma’s Not Sure as part of the blog tour. Onto the post!

In the second installment of this brilliant YA series, we follow Gemma (who we met in the first book as Lily’s best friend) as she makes decisions about where she’s going to go to uni, and also her love story with Lily’s ex Jamie, who is struggling badly with his first year of university. It was wonderful to get to know both these characters better, and while I knew I’d love Gemma based on what I’d seen before, I was pleasantly surprised by how fond I got of Jamie and how much I was rooting for them as a couple. The romance itself felt really well done- I particularly loved that it starts over text and then evolves into them meeting in person. I was so invested in some of the side characters as well- Rosie’ plotline definitely made me very emotional, and I LOVED the band plotline a lot too. The Scottish setting was fab as well; although Newton St Cuthbert’s is fictional it definitely reminds me of real places in Galloway where I spent a lot of holidays as a child, and I just really like getting to read about Scottish characters in general. This book cheered me up so much on a really bad illness day, and I’m really grateful to it for taking me out of my own world and letting me be in Gemma and Jamie’s for a while. Also, I can’t wait to see which Galloway Girl gets the spotlight in the series’s next installment, personally I’m hoping for Sarah- it’s so refreshing to see chronic illness representation in YA and I’d love to see her be a love interest. 4.5/5

Thank you so much for reading! Are you planning to pick this and Lily’s Just Fine up? Have you ever visited Galloway? I’d love to hear in the comments! Amy x


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