The Cake Book Tag

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be doing the Cake Book Tag, which I found on Charlotte’s blog ages ago and have been meaning to do ever since. Onto the post!

Flour: A book that was slow to start off but picked up as it went along.

I came very close to DNFing Evernight by Ross Mackenzie because it took so long to get going for me, but I am SO glad I didn’t because I adored it by the end that I was tempted to give it 5 stars, even after our very shaky start.

Butter: A book that has a really “rich” and great plot.

Ooh this is hard! The first thing that comes to mind is the Mask of Aribella, because so much was going on and I really enjoyed all of it. Plus I wrote a review for it a couple of days ago so it’s very fresh in my memory that I thought that just now!

Eggs: A book that you thought was going to be bad, but turned out quite enjoyable

I had heard some incredibly mixed things about the Truly Devious trilogy, which I read recently, so I was very nervous going in! I ended up really enjoying them though; I read the second and third in the same day!

Sugar: A sugary / sweet book

Going to go for the one I’m reading at the time of writing this, which is Roxy and Jones: the Great Fairytale Cover-Up. It’s not like sugary sweet in the sense it’s overly so, it’s just a really lovely book and it’s making me smile a lot. Icing: A book that covered every single element that you enjoy in a book I think I have to go for the Murder Most Unladylike books for this. They combine pretty much all of my favourite plot points and settings and tropes, and I love them so, so much.

Sprinkles: A book series that you turn to when you’re feeling down

Murder Most Unladylike would definitely fit for this as well, but the other big one for me is Geek Girl. Although I can’t turn to it every time I feel down or I’d end up reading it like a thousand times a year, because I always say just the first chapter then read the whole thing!

Cherry on top: Your favourite book this year so far

Right now I think it’s a Kind of Spark, but I think it’ll be Death Sets Sail by the end. I just don’t see anything beating that for me, once I get to read it.

What are your favourite types of cake, if you eat them? Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned here, or are you planning to? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x

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