My Thoughts On Everything Changes in the End

Hello everybody! So, it’s been kind of forever since I wrote anything about music, but then in April I discovered Vistas and I need somewhere to record my thoughts on an album I’m pretty sure will be one of my favourites for a really long time, so I’m sorry if I’m a bit rusty but hopefully my love for it shines through anyway, because I need somewhere to ramble about it so I don’t drive my friends/family COMPLETELY insane shrieking about it! Fair warning that this is essentially an essay about how much I love them, I don’t have a word count but I’m guessing it’s into the thousands maybe? And I have no criticism so that’s very lacking in this post, I’m fully biased! Onto the post!

Everything Changes in the End– I can’t explain how much I love this song, but I’m going to give it a stab. When they released a tiny snippet of the chorus on Insta earlier in release week, I couldn’t stop listening to it (or crying) for about half an hour. It’s the type of song that feels like I’ve known the words all my life, and I’ve just been waiting for the tune to bring it to life- they absolutely made the right choice having this as the title track. It’s such a timeless concept that I can’t believe I’ve never heard anything quite like it, but I haven’t that I can think of- it’s a friend comforting someone about feeling like they’ll never find love, and the way it’s written is so clever because it feels like they’re actually aiming it at you, and that’s a big reason why I love it so, so much. I can’t fault a single vocal or musical choice either (that stunning soaring guitar is just perfection); it’s just perfect.

Teenage Blues– this is a song about moving on from your teenage years, and it makes me cry every time I listen without fail. It has such a nostalgic feel, and I love that it seems to be more friendship based than romance, which is true of a lot of songs on here, actually. Prentice’s voice is as beautiful as ever, obvs, and Dylan deserves a massive shoutout for the backing vocals because the song just wouldn’t be the same without them at all!! And a little detail I LOVE is that this seems to give a shoutout to a Strokes song, since I know that the Strokes are one of the first things that brought Vistas together as friends in their own teenage years. Also, it’s not part of the album, but the acoustic version of this that Prentice recorded is a masterpiece and really adds something to the song because it’s so much slower and feels even more bittersweet as a result, so highly recommend that.

15 Years– it took listening to an interview with Prentice for me to find out that he wrote this for their fans, and as a definite Vistas fangirl, it’s another one that makes me very weepy! I can barely think of any songs that are written directly TO fans, even though I know there are a few, and I think it’s so beautiful that they wanted to have this on the album- especially as it was written especially for it while they were recording in Ramsgate. The lyrics are so moving that I can’t even pick out a favourite line, although if I was forced to I think it’d be “there’s a million things you wanna say, can I help you figure out a way?” Because I think that’s kind of the whole point of music and it’s so on point. And I know this is a stupid thing to love, but I think the use of we in the bridge is really poignant and clever as well.

Sucker– this is about being in love and doing stupid things because of it, and it’s so beautiful. I mostly just really like the melody and the drum pattern, as boring as that sounds. The chorus is particularly gorgeous though, and another shoutout to Dylan here because the “hey, hey!” thing is SO fun to sing along to. I just don’t really have loads to say about it? I absolutely love it though, so please don’t take this as it not being as good because the whole album is amazing.

Summer– I’ll admit that this took a bit longer than everything else for me to get into, but I adore it now and I can’t believe I didn’t always. It was written when Prentice was about 19, and it’s literally just a song about it being summertime- it’s so lovely, and I love the way he describes it as having a naive kind of feeling because it does, but in the best way. I love the guitar/drums bit at the beginning a ridiculous amount as well.

Tigerblood– I’ll be honest, I’m still a teensy bit bitter that this got chosen over Calm for the album, but it’s still amazing, and hearing the full thing I’m also kind of glad, because this fits the vibe more than Calm overall, and one of my favourite things about the album is that it’s the most perfectly sonically cohesive thing I’ve ever heard. I’ll be honest that I have literally no idea what it means but I love it anyway, I particularly like that this has quite a similar sound to my beloved Retrospect (you can see my thoughts on that below!) And it’s as insanely catchy and clever as everything Prentice writes. Like literally, there’s just not a Vistas song I straight up don’t like (I don’t make a huge habit of listening to Fade or Headspace, but I still think they’re good songs!). Also, it is RIDICULOUS that they’ve been an already amazing song sound even better in the rerecord? I was so nervous that it wouldn’t be as good and then I heard it and I cried because it’s beyond perfect?

The Love You Give– this song is beautiful. Vistas have a habit of making everything they sing sound really chirpy even if it’s not, but this song is genuinely very happy in lyric as well as melody and about making you feel more worthwhile- it serves as a reminder that good things will happen to good people eventually. On a more shallow note, I love the drum pattern as well, and the vocals just sound SO good- I adore Prentice’s voice and it blends so well with Dylan’s in the harmonies, which is a recurring theme throughout all of these really. A feel good, summery sounding fave for me.

Shout– given the quality of the singles, I didn’t think the ones I hadn’t heard could possibly how be as good. How wrong was I?! This, as well as my beloved Everything Changes in the End, is one of my absolute faves on here. I love that it sounds so simultaneously mellow and upbeat, I love its message about being there for people, the melody in the verses is so fun, I ADORE the call and response in the chorus and I can’t get over how amazing Prentice’s voice is yet again. The riff of this is one of my absolute faves ever as well, it’s so unusual but SO good. And I can’t tell if the but just before and then just after the chorus is guitar or bass but I am OBSESSED with it either way. You and Me- this is about Prentice’s girlfriend, and I love it. Its another one where I don’t have a massive amount to say- it’s just a really good song with a very cute message to it! I do love the melody of the verses though, they’re so fun, and I like how poppy it is- it’s a bit different and a lot of fun!!

Sentimental– the guitars at the beginning of this are great, and it’s a really good song- it’s about feeling out in place in normal life after having been on tour, which is really interesting. It’s not one of my faves to sing along to, but it’s still brilliant- there really just isn’t a bad song on ECITE.

Retrospect– at the time of writing this bit of the post (early in May), the album’s not actually out and I’ve heard this over a hundred times in a week. It’s one of my favourite songs I have ever heard- I don’t know if it’s really obvious and I’m just daft, but trying to work out the meaning has become one of my favourite pastimes, and the lyrics just fit together so perfectly- the main bit that mystified me about this is the use of he/she in the verses and me in the chorus, it’s honestly going to bug the very nosy bit of me until I find out what this song is actually about. And everything comes together so beautifully to form a catchy, upbeat song that’s guaranteed to stick in your head for days- Prentice’s vocals are my fave bit but everything else is amazing too; the whole band is ludicrously talented and I don’t think you can go far wrong when you’re led by a frontman this fantastic! Also, this is a very random, rambly add-on and I might be wrong, but if the word choice of acquiesce is an Oasis reference then I love it even more! And I heavily suspect it is because I know Prentice is a fan. And the same applies to this as Tigerblood with the rerecording thing- this is the song that I first heard from them and I was WORRIED about a new version and I just shouldn’t have been. The only thing I’m worrying about now with it is how to make sure it’s in my Spotify Wrapped when my listens will be spread over 2 songs it won’t count as the same.

November– given my obvious fondness for November, I was really hoping I’d like this song, and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest (I’m starting to learn that Vistas never let me down, genuinely I can’t explain how much I love them). This is the slowest song on the album by a long way, but it still has that trademark Vistas’ energy (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve heard them), and it’s also the longest- they make every single second worth the time investment in it. It’s about Prentice and hos girlfriend’s relationship. My fave thing in it is definitely Prentice’s voice, especially in the pre-chorus (where it makes me cry) but the outro is RIDICULOUSLY cool- the layering of the vocals and instrumentals is just *chef’s kiss*. And the fact that everything changes in the end is the last line on the album is perfect.

Final Thoughts:

Something else that goes across the whole album that I can’t get enough of is just how SCOTTISH it is- it’s bloody brilliant.  And since I’ve not mentioned him elsewhere individually, massive shoutout to Jamie as well for all the brilliant bass lines.

Also, forgive me for sounding a bit dramatic here, but I genuinely think this might maybe be my new favourite record ever? It’s totally sonically cohesive but also varies the sound enough that it never ever gets boring, there isn’t a single song I don’t like and it’s so feel good and uplifting that I think it could probably always make me smile, no matter what else is going on that day. It’s definitely the only thing that’s ever given my longstanding fave a serious run for its money, if I end up changing my mind.

But I don’t think I will, because I very very rarely listen to a full album straight through in order (I tend to jump about and go in order of what I like most I’ve heard already/am most excited for that I haven’t, and then skip at least a few when I relisten; I’ve done it with a couple but not many, and it’s never felt like a complete experience the way this does EVER) and I already have so many times for this. Is it too early to start the countdown calendar for album 2?

Have you heard this album? Are you planning to listen? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x

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  1. I have no idea how you manage to articulate so well what each song means to you but you do it fantastically. I haven’t heard of these before but will definitely be checking them out, especially given the way they make you feel. Great post!

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