My Thoughts on Open Up Your Head

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be chatting about all my opinions on Open Up Your Head, which is Sea Girls’ debut album that was released in August. Onto the post!

Transplant– this is honestly such a classic indie song, it gives me major Killers vibes but it’s definitely incredibly distinctive as being a Sea Girls song too, it just sums up the essence of the band totally. I’m obsessed with the storytelling style of the lyrics, and while I’m still not 100% sure what it means 2 months on and counting it’s just beautiful. And it’s one of my fave Henry vocals ever too, plus I love hearing Rory and Oli in the outro!

All I Want to Hear You Say– this is really special to me because it’s the first Sea Girls song I ever heard! It’s got the same thing as Transplant with the storytelling lyrics that make me feel like I know literally everything about the relationship in question. I love the bouncy, upbeat sound in contrast to the fairly bleak lyrics, and it’s so catchy I always have it stuck in my head for ages after I’ve heard it.

Do You Really Wanna Know?- this is the perfect choice for lead single! I think it’s one a lot of people, myself included, can relate to; the first line especially. Again I really like the difference between how this sounds and what it really means, it’s the catchiest thing ever and it sounds incredibly cheery given it’s about anxiety/insecurity. The guitars and drums are some of my faves on the album. Also, the outro vocals are the BEST, Sea Girls do excellent outros I’m realising as I write this!

Lie to Me- this is a lot more sonically laid back than most of the album, yet still makes me want to sing along despite the lullaby feel. I’d actually go as far as to say it’s a fave from the album now, which makes me laugh given I HATED it on release day because it’s so different from the majority of Sea Girls’ stuff. The bridge is one of my favourites ever in any song, it’s so well written and interesting and clever!

Call Me Out– this is one of those songs you feel like you’ve known forever the minute you hear them! It’s just so classically indie, yet again, and it doesn’t mean anything to me personally and yet I feel the emotions of it because it’s just so tangible in the lyrics and the way Henry sings it is GORGEOUS. I hate that I keep comparing them to the Killers because it’s so unoriginal but I kind of get Mr Brightside vibes here? It’s THAT good. The drums are amazing as well, and the guitar riff is just *chef’s kiss*.

Closer– this is easily the Sea Girls song that’s grown on me the most since I first heard it. It’s written by their guitarist Rory, and I think it’s how happy he looks when he’s playing it that won me over, because he’s definitely my favourite member of the band. The lyrics are so fun to sing along to, and the melody’s fab as well. Forever- I can take or leave this one if I’m honest. I wish so much I liked it more because it’s another one written by Rory, but it’s just not one I find very memorable lyric wis36. HOWEVER, the guitar riff is one of my absolute faves off the album and I’m very into the drums too. So a mixed one really!

Weight in Gold– I’m going to be brutal, I don’t like this song. It’s so BLAND, I honestly forget it’s on the album most of the time. I can name about 5 songs they released pre-album that would have been a hundred times more deserving of being on here (Heavenly War for a start! And the title track! I still think it’s mental it wasn’t included when they obviously like it enough to name the album after it…?!)

Ready for More– this is another one I’m just not that fussed on, to be honest. I think it’s quite similar in message to Soldier On from Under Exit Lights and that’s ten times the song this is, so I actually can’t fathom why they chose to include this over it. I actually think some of the track list choices for the album are bizarre.

Violet– oh my god this is such an all time fave! The drums are SO fun, it’s such an interesting self contained story and V-I-OH MY GOD VIOLET is one of my fave lyrics on the album because it’s such a great turn of phrase. And I literally can’t listen without at the very least mouthing that bit to myself. Such a cute love song too!!

Shake– this is definitely my favourite one that Rory’s written! It’s about feeling alone and anxious, and it’s got some really relatable lyrics for days when nothing is going right. The guitar riff is AMAZING (almost like it was written by a brilliant guitarist or something…), and I think Henry’s voice sounds incredible on this track as well. And it’s easily one of the best written ones in Sea Girls’ whole discography, so I wish there were more by Rory on here as most are Henry! And if you don’t love the whispered “shake”… I don’t even know what to say.

Damage Done- I wasn’t initially that mad about this when I saw it as part of their TRSNMT set (which I watch on YouTube tragically often!), but I love it so so much now! I still wouldn’t say it’s my favourite musically, although the piano at the end is a DELIGHT, but the song itself is a joy. It’s kind of a breakup song, but it’s pretty euphoric and I LOVE the You’re So Vain vibes the chorus gives me, making sure the subject knows they’re not really the reason for this song! Again, I have to mention how sublime the storytelling style is, I feel like it gives such a clear idea of what this relationship was like.

You Over Anyone– I don’t say this lightly because Hot Fuss is one of my favourite albums ever, but this song feels like it should legit be on Hot Fuss. It’s so macabre and chilling and WEIRD, and it’s cool hearing Henry’s voice so stripped back too! It’s quite interesting that’s it’s actually about his relationship with partying because it’s written as if it’s a relationship and I won’t lie, I was VERY worried about Henry the first time I heard it and didn’t know!

Moving On– I really don’t like the opening synths to this, but thankfully it gets a lot better once the drumbeat and singing kick in. It’s about moving on from a relationship and I think it’s really cleverly written and witty, it has a gorgeous anthemic chorus that’s also really laidback and chilled, and it’s a fab end to a really strong debut record. The band have already released new music after it’s release too, and if it’s anything to go by they’ll very likely be a group you hear a lot more about in the years to come.

Have you heard of this album/the band already? Are you planning to give them a listen now? I’d really love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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