Blog Tour: All I Want for Christmas by Beth Garrod

Hello everybody! I’m sorry for being MIA the last couple of weeks (I’ve been really busy with uni deadlines, which are finally getting a bit less intense, thankfully!), but today I’m very excited to be kicking off my attempt at 12 days of blogmas (which will be on all the days with even numbers till the 24th, if it goes to plan). I’m also very excited to have a guest post from Beth Garrod as part of the blog tour for her new book All I Want For Christmas, alongside my review. Onto the post!


In this festive YA rom-com, we’re introduced to Holly, a girl from England who’s just had a pretty brutal breakup, and Elle, an American influencer who is secretly struggling despite her social media feed making it seem like she has everything she could ever want and more. They decide to swap lives in the run up to Christmas to help Elle win a competition and Holly get over her ex, and of course, chaos and romance ensues.

The main thing I loved about this was how lovely it was to read; I really felt like I was there with Holly and Elle, and I was so attached to all the characters (apart from Woody, who can get in the bin! As can a few others who I don’t want to mention in case it’s spoilery!). The romances between both couples were so gorgeous and I was desperate for them to get together, but the friendships were also really well done, as they are in all truly great romantic comedies. I especially loved Ruby’s relationship with both girls, and the bond Holly and Elle form during their switch, even though they’re so far away from each other. Basically, the characters were just amazing, and Colin (dog, not human!) deserves a mention too for being so cute and making me laugh. Speaking of laughter, this is just as hilarious as everything I’ve read from Beth in the past, and it’s reminded me I really must get to Take a Chance on Me!

I also loved that this is a bit of a modern, YA retelling of the Holiday; I watched the film around the same time I read this and it was really fun spotting both the similarities and differences between them, and it’s definitely just as cosy and comforting and, above all, Christmassy as the film is too!

If you’re looking for a book to curl up with and devour in a few sittings (I just couldn’t wait to see what happened!) over the festive period, this would be a fantastic choice.

And now, over to Beth so she can chat about one of her favourite Christmas songs, which she’s doing on all the stops on this tour!

All I Want For Christmas is about two girls, Holly and Elle, who swap lives in an attempt to get the perfect Christmas. Elle can’t really be bothered with it, and Holly wants to cover every surface in tinsel. Or Christmas chocolate. Or both. All Holly wants to do is spread Christmas cheer (with the exception of one particular boy) and she’s always first to get a Christmas song on. Which is why on this blog tour we’re sharing some of the very best festive tunes to get you in the Christmas mood – and today we’re talking about one that can’t help but get you wishing everyone a merry Christmas from the bottom of your heart.  José Feliciano  – Feliz Navidad Christmas songs can be like the decorations you pull out every year – sometimes the very best are the proper oldies (although full disclosure, I do have one fluffy white pom-pom decoration that I’m sure is doubling up as a spiders’ nest, but heck, spiders deserve a fluffy Christmas too so I let it slide). And today’s choice is both a classic, and an absolute tune. Feliz Navidad may have been around for fifty years (*just panic Googled to check that was right. Fifty years?!*) but it’s a slice of pure pop joy with everyone from David Hasselhoff to BTS singing along with it over the years to wish us a Happy Christmas. Now, shock horror, this isn’t a tune that features in All I Want For Christmas BUT with three appearances on the US Billboard chart, I think if American-based Elle had been in charge of a festive playlist this would have been one of her first picks. Sing it José…..

Thank you so much for reading! Have you read this, or are you planning to over the festive period? Are you a fan of the Holiday? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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