Guest Post: Jennifer Killick’s Top Five Christmas Films

Hello everybody! Today, I’m so excited to be sharing a wonderful guest post from Jennifer Killick, who is both an amazing author (if you want something that’ll make you laugh, you won’t go wrong picking up any of her books) and one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Onto the post!

My Top Five Christmas Movies:

I love everything about Christmas, and spend most of the year looking forward to the colder months when I can curl up, surrounded by twinkle lights, and watch as many Christmas movies as I can squeeze in. I was delighted when Amy asked me to write about my top five favourites for her brilliant blog, and though I knew instantly which films would be in my top four, I spent a Santa’s sack-load of time thinking about all the ways in which they’re amazing.

What follows is my top four favourite Christmas films, with number one being my absolute favourite (because it’s perfect), and the three following all in equal standing with each other. And there’s a little explanation about number five below, if you’re still reading by then…

Home Alone– To me, this film is perfect. I wish I’d written it, and I hope to someday write a Christmas story even half as good. The premise is simple, engaging, and written perfectly – a lone child defending his home from the dastardly burglars intent on desecrating it. The film looks and feels exactly right, with the glorious over-the-top festive house and the charming soundtrack. It has the perfect combination of peril, humour and heart, with a cracking plot that moves at just the right pace. Every character in it is brilliant, from the hilarious Polka King, to Kevin’s inadequate Mum, to vile Uncle Frank. Marv and Harry, the story’s antagonists, manage to be simultaneously ridiculous and menacing, which is a pretty tricky chimney top to balance on. And we have to talk about the kids. Each one different (admittedly looking about as un-siblinglike as you could imagine, but I don’t care a bit) and bringing something to the pot. Buzz is the perfect bullying big brother, and Fuller spot on as the annoying cousin nobody wants to share a bed with. And Kevin. KEVIN. Just the right amount of naughty, outrageously misunderstood, endearingly sweet, smart and brave. He is a true hero, and a character I will always look upon with a smile on my face and a heart brimming with love. Nobody could have played him better than Macauley Culkin. I could watch this movie every day of the year, and bob on about it for at least a few thousand words. Did I mention that I think it’s perfect?

Christmas Around The Corner- OK – this is a bit of a wild card, and the chances are that you haven’t even heard of it because it’s a made-for-TV, Movies 24 movie. But hear me out. It’s about Claire, a high-flying venture capitalist from New York, who suffers a professional embarrassment and escapes to a small town in Vermont, because her late mother found joy there. When she arrives, she finds a down-in-the-dumps town that has cancelled its winter festivities, and a bookshop in a shocking state of disrepair. The bookshop is owned by Andrew, who is moody-to-the-point-of-rude, but very handsome (and he loves his grandmother so he can’t be that bad), and he cannot wait to sell the bookshop. He grumpily battles against every attempt by Claire to bring some life back, not only to the bookshop, but to the whole town. You can probably guess what happens from there. Yes, this is another version of the same overused plot that every one of this type of movie follows, but I repeat that this one has a BOOK SHOP in it, and that has to give it bonus points. I love all the Movies 24 movies, but what makes this one stand out, other than the book shop, is the chemistry between Claire and Andrew. Both of them have heaps of personality, and when the sparks fly between them, they light up the room. There’s a bit where there’s an incident with a fire, and they’re covered in soot and they have to go into his workshop to clean up, and I don’t want to ruin it for you, but it is as smoking as a moment in a daytime made-for-TV movie could be. And there’s a kiss, of course, that ranks VERY highly on my Movies 24 kiss chart. Obviously I don’t have an actual chart (or do I?). But Christmas, bookshops, and an excellent kiss – what more could you want?

It’s A Wonderful Life- I had to include this story about George Bailey, a man driven to despair after a life filled with self-sacrifice and missed opportunities. I find it hard to watch as cruel twists of fate waylay his plans and dreams, but the pay-off at the end is worth every tear, and cry of, ‘Oh, poor George!’ (I do that a lot). I love the chemistry between George and his wife Mary – it sizzles in a black-and-white, respectable kind of way. And the portrayal of family life is perfectly drawn – with difficulties, and disagreements, and warmth and kindness, and so much love. This is a movie to watch when you’re feeling sad about the world and your place in it. It reminds us that there is nothing more important than kindness.

Elf- This is another story that I wish I’d thought of first, and not just because it would have made me super rich. The idea of a human living as an elf without realising the truth that is painfully obvious to everyone else – that he’s not a born elf – is brilliantly absurd. Watching Buddy try to adapt to life in the human world is as weird and chaotic as you’d hope it would be, and the story is full of quotable lines and memorable scenes. The role of Buddy is totally owned by Will Ferrell who has no inhibitions and zero subtlety. And Elf does what I think all good Christmas movies should do – it fills me with hope, and belief in the goodness of people. I always cry as Santa’s sleigh soars overheard, powered by the joyful singing of believers everywhere. I’m actually crying now, just thinking about it.

Film Number Five- This was supposed to be my top five favourite Christmas movies, but I’m afraid I’m going to cheat. There are so many Christmas films that I love, and I couldn’t narrow down my list enough to choose a fifth. To be fair, you’re probably bored of reading my thoughts on festive films by now anyway. Instead I will list the films that nearly, but not quite, made it to number five:

Die Hard – Bruce Willis defeating terrorists and swearing a lot. At Christmas.

Scrooged – Bill Murray being Bill Murray. At Christmas.

Gremlins – A cute little Gizmo and some evil little monsters. At Christmas.

Naughty or Nice – Another Movies 24 classic starring Hilarie Burton from One Tree Hill, Santa’s magic book, and some lessons learned about seeing both sides of the story.

Santa Clause, The Movie – The movie I watched a million times with my brother and sister when I was growing up. Features John Lithgow stuffing magic candy canes in his mouth and floating up to space.

So that’s it – my list of Christmas movie brilliance. I highly recommend watching and rewatching all of them. Especially Home Alone, because, well, you know…

Thank you so much for reading! What are your favourite Christmas films? Do you agree with any of Jennifer’s? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Jennifer Killick’s Top Five Christmas Films”

    1. I’ve actually never seen that one 🙈. Do you think I’d like it? Feel like I sound like a right stuck record but I’m looking for loads of things to fill my time once I’ve finished uni for Christmas so I’m planning lots of festive movie afternoons!

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      1. Hmm, I’m not sure. From ones you’ve mentioned before I wouldn’t have pegged it as an Amy film, but you never know! It’s very much of its time too!


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