Guest Post: The Gifts Karen McCombie Would Like to Give to Her Characters

Hello everybody! Today, I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing a guest post from Karen McCombie, whose books I’ve loved since I was very young, and they’ve had such a huge impact on my life and been there for me through some very difficult times, so I feel very lucky to have read them and know Karen. Onto the post, which is about the gifts Karen would give some of her characters!

Getting the right present for someone is so important, right? So while I’ve been mulling over the best gifts for my daughter and nieces and nephews, I’ve also managed to happily fritter away the time imagining what I’d love to buy some of my favourite characters in novels I’ve written! (Yes, it IS a fun way to procrastinate and not get on with my work!!) Of course, having written more than 90 books, I could hardly noodle around, dreaming up perfect presents for ALL my main characters, or I’d be here till a week next April. But just for fun, here’s three of my faves, and what I’d love to buy them this Christmas…

Thermal undies for Bridie (‘Little Bird Flies’ and ‘Little Bird Lands’)

When I was researching this Victorian era pair of adventure novels, what struck me was just how cold winters must have been, with no central heating to keep you cosy! Actually, I grew up with no central heating, and I vividly remember watching TV in winter, curled up on the mat in front of the electric fire, with one half of me al toasty and the other half freezing! But it was hardly the same experience of people like Bridie and her family, especially in the second book, where they emigrate from their Scottish island and end up in wintry north Michigan, living in a hastily built wooden house. It gives my the shivers just thinking about it! So I’d like to buy Bridie some thermal undies to wear beneath her shawl, skirts and petticoats. And because Bridie is a bit feisty, I bet she’d adore these funky, colourful ski thermals! Perfect for skating on iced ponds in the middle of snowy woods…

[Image copyright of OOSC clothing]
Goat yoga classes for Dani (‘St Grizzle’s School’ series)

Dani is furious when her zoologist mum announces that she has to go to a boarding school for a term while Mum is off on an expedition to the Antarctic. But her idea of what a boarding school is like (strict uniform, strict rules) goes right out the window when she arrives at St Griselda’s School for Girls and finds feral eight-year-olds, a headteacher who’s wearing a crown made of plastic spoons, a random boy student and a school pet goat called Twinkle. It’s a shock – but a good one! – and Dani soon comes to love the place. So I’d like to buy Dani a session of goat yoga (yes, it’s a real thing!), which she could do with her splendid Granny Viv. I could see the pair of them being inspired to run their own goat yoga session back at St Grizzle’s at a regular PE session! If Twinkle would stop headbutting everyone long enough for them to get into position, of course!

[Image copyright of Lainey Morse]
Afternoon tea at a cat café for Ally (‘Ally’s World’)

Ally was the heroine of my first, best-selling series back in the early 2000s. I set the series where I live, near the iconic Alexandra Palace in north London, so it still feels like Ally is real to me, and someone I might bump into when I’m walking around the grounds of Ally Pally or popping to the corner shop for a pint of milk and a packet of crisps! Ally’s house was gently ramshackle (her dad didn’t have the money to do it up) and was basically home to a menagerie of randomly accumulated pets – especially cats! So I’d like to take Ally and the whole of the Love family out for afternoon tea at a nearby cat café. I’m sure they could open up their own home as a cat café and mini-zoo, and earn some much needed extra cash! . After all, who could resist Colin the three legged cat?

[Image copyright of Whiskers and Cream Cat Café]

Thank you so much for reading! What gifts would you like to give some of your favourite characters? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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