The Anti TBR Tag

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to be doing the Anti TBR tag, which I found on Charlotte’s blog. Onto the post!

1. A popular book EVERYONE loves that you have no interest in reading?

Well, Charlotte’s answer for this definitely applies because I’m not up for reading Red, White and Royal Blue, even though I generally like romance.

2. A classic book (or author) you don’t have an interest in reading?

To be honest, most of them! I’d be quicker telling the few I do want to read. I definitely don’t think I’m ever very likely to pick up Chaeles Dickens’ books.

3. A problematic author whose books you have no interest in reading?

I’ve heard some pretty bad things about the way Benjamin Alire Saenz treats bloggers who don’t like his books, so while I like the sound of a couple, I’m not very likely to give them a go.

4. An author you have read a couple of books from & have decided their books are not for you?

Tennessee Williams. I had to read two of his plays for Advanced Higher English and I’ve rarely hated anything more than them. I have no intention whatsoever of ever reading him again.

5. A genre you have no interest in OR a genre you tried to get into & couldn’t?

I have a few genres I avoid, such as horror and sci fi and more epic fantasy. I’ve been trying to broaden my horizons a little, but I don’t think I’ll ever love the more hardcore books in any of those genres.

6. A book you have bought but will never read? (this can be a book you have unhauled/returned to the library unread)

I never ever buy things with the intent of not reading them, but I’m seriously doubting if I’ll ever get to Love and Gelato. It’s been on my TBR for almost 4 years and I’ve nearly picked it up so many times, but something just always goes wrong.

7. A series you have no interest in reading OR a series you started & have dnf’d?

I read the first two books of Connie Glynn’s Undercover Princess series, and while I thought the second was much better than the first, I just never got round to buying book three and at this point I’m pretty confident I’m not going to read any more, but never say never. Oh, and I won’t be finishing the Malamander series!

8. A new release you have no interest in reading?

This is genuinely really hard! I’m willing to give most books a chance if there’s something about them I find interesting. That said, I don’t read a lot of YA, so I can’t think of anything specific but there will definitely be a few new ones I won’t be picking up!

What are your thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned? Should I change my mind about any of the things I don’t want to read? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Amy x


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8 thoughts on “The Anti TBR Tag”

  1. I’ve never been able to get into any Dickens either. I somehow managed to pass my A/S English exam on Great Expectations using just the extracts we’d read in class as I couldn’t face reading the rest!

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  2. Interesting post. See we differ in our opinions on horror but that’s OK because to paraphrase The Craft- I’m one of the weirdos ☺️… I do love a bit of a scare every now and then but, and this is going to sound silly, but I like my horror with a dash of class- like it’s mythological based, or psychological, or atmospheric- I don’t enjoy gore or zombie apocalypse type horror nor that which depends on detailing gratuitous excessive violence specifically against women and/or children – which is why I don’t read many adult books any more – this is where mg/YA books sometimes do it better because they have to hold back on the explicit and amplify the imagination.

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  3. I loved reading this! I definitely think that some ‘classic’ authors are a little overrated, which can get you a lot of hate for saying in the reading/book community – but I think that just because a book is known as a classic, it doesn’t always mean it’s amazing or worth reading.

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