Top Ten Tuesday: My Spring 2021 TBR

Hello everybody! So, I have very bad form for actually completing TBRs, but recently I’ve been using more rigid reading schedules and this combined with a few other factors has been helping me read so much more in 2021 than I’d probably otherwise be able to. I actually have quite a lot more than ten books I’m hoping to get to, but here are a small selection of some books I’m hoping to be reading over the next few months as part of today’s Top Ten Tuesday. Onto the post!

REVIEW COPIES (I have more than this, but these are just a few and I do also plan to read the rest obvs, I just didn’t want it to get repetitive because quite a few are from the same publisher and I wanted to leave room for talking about things I’ve bought or pre-ordered too!)

Featherlight– I may have already got to this by the time this post goes up, but I’m definitely planning to read it soon. The synopsis is quite vague but it’s the story of a Lighthouse keeper’s daughter receiving help from a magical source when she is stranded there alone during a storm and the light goes out. Apparently it’s partially based on Grace Darling, who I hugely admire, as well.

The Magician’s Map– this is the sequel to the House on Hoarder Hill, and I’m pretty sure the plot has something to do with a magical treasure hunt, which sounds like a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens because the end of the last book was very intriguing, and I love things that combine magic and mystery.

A Girl Called Joy– this is Jenny Valentine’s MG debut, and I was obsessed with quite a few of her YA titles when I read them, so I’m dead excited to get to read her writing again (it’s felt like FOREVER since Fire Colour One), and this sounds like such a lovely contemplating with themes of conservation and protecting nature.

How to Save the World with a Chicken and An Egg– this also has a pretty vague synopsis, but the gist I’m getting is that it involves saving animals and solving a mystery with a seaside setting, and those three elements seem guaranteed to make a book I will love. I’ve really enjoyed Emma Sheveah’s writing in the past as well, so I’m really, really excited about picking this up.

Jane Austen Investigates the Abbey Mystery- I’m pretty sure this is out in April and I’m possibly going to be on the blog tour, so I’m hoping to get the chance to pick it up before then. I think the title is pretty self explanatory, but as always, I adore mysteries so I have high hopes for it and I’m pretty sure it’s the start of a series


The Weather Weaver– this is one of my most anticipated debuts of the whole year and I’m so pleased it’s FINALLY out. I have a very specific post planned that I’m going to be reading it for, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hope it lives up to the hugely promising premise of a girl being able to befriend and control weather.

Storm– reading more Nicola Skinner is an absolute priority for me this year in general, so I’m actually hoping to read Starboard soon too, but I’m slightly more excited for this on account of the fact a friend loved it and I’m so in love with the premise. Bloom is one of the funniest, most original things I’ve ever read and I have a feeling Nicola Skinner’s going to be on my list of favourite authors before too long.

Destination, Anywhere– I have been waiting SO LONG for this book!! I was devastated when it got postponed last year after how good the early reviews were and I just love the sound of the plot, which is about a girl going away to Canada after a really horrible experience at sixth form, just after she thought her life at school had finally improved. Also, Peyton is one of my fave names ever on account of Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill being incredible.

A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet– this is a pretty out there choice for me, but I’ve heard so many people rave about this series over the years that it’s got me intrigued, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I think even though sci-fi is very definitely not usually my vibe.

Last Night– this is a pre-order I have and I’m BUZZING for it to be out. I have a pretty high success rate with Mhairi McFarlane and her last couple of releases are my favourites of hers so I’m hoping I’ll love this even more maybe. Although I doubt the love interest is a patch on Jamie from If I Never Met You, so I’ll even settle for loving it just as much.

What’s on your TBR for these next few months? Do we have any in common? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x

Author: goldenbooksgirl

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Spring 2021 TBR”

  1. Like you, I’m not very good at sticking rigidly to a TBR but I do think having a loose one helps.

    I’m looking forward to Magician’s Map and Weather Weaver too, as you know, and I have Bloom to read ASAP too!
    There’s lots here I don’t know too though so look forward to hearing what you think of them too.


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