Quarterly Wrap Up: January to March 2021

Hello everybody! So, in almost 4 years of blogging I’ve somehow never written a wrap up post, but I really enjoy reading other people’s and I especially love BooksandLala’s (whose YouTube channel I am OBSESSED with) quarterly version that she does, which is why I’ve decided to make mine that often, if people enjoy reading it at least. I’m a wee bit nervous given I don’t really know what exactly I’m going to include, but anyway, onto the post!

My favourite thing about reading other people’s wrap ups is 100% the different stats they include. So I was thinking I’d tell you how many books I read, then break that down into age categories, and include a wee bit of info about my star rating.

I’ve somehow managed to read loads of books in the past couple of months, despite having a LOT of uni work to get through and a lot going on personally/medically, which I’m really proud of.

Number of books I read… overall: 56

in… January: 20
in… February: 20
in… March: 16

Average number of pages read (according to Goodreads at time of writing): 326 pages

Longest book: the Fountains of Silenc

Shortest book: Kill Joy

MG: 37

YA: 8

Adult: 11

Most read genre: this is tricky because I don’t really have any scientific method for doing this, but I reckon it’s broadly fantasy, between fabulism, urban fantasy and fantasies set in other worlds entirely.

Average star rating (according to Goodreads at time of writing): 4.2 stars

Number of 3 stars: 3

Number of 4 stars: 37

Number of 5 stars: 16

How many were rereads? 2 (which was a big surprise because I thought I’d done more!!)

Authors I’ve read before vs authors I haven’t read before?: 29 vs 27… quite pleased with that balance!!

Was this at all interesting? Would you like to see this type of post again, and if so is there anything else you think I should include? I’d love to hear in the comments, and also to hear about how your quarter has been in terms of reading!

Amy x


Author: goldenbooksgirl

Disabled book blogger who also writes TV, film, music and other posts from time to time | UKYABA Champion Teen 2018 | Email: goldenbooksgirl@gmail.com | she/her

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