Recommending Books to Lion King Characters | Disney Recommendations

Hello everybody! So, it’s been at least a year (and possibly two) since I last wrote a post for this series where I recommend books to Disney characters, but ages and ages ago someone suggested I did the characters from the Lion King for one, so here we finally are. TLK is one of my absolute favourite Disney films, and I rewatched it the other week, so it’s pretty fresh in my memory. Onto the post!

Simba– this is more tailored towards the attitude and personality of Simba as a cub than when he’s an adult after the events of the film, but I think he’d really identify with Podkin from the Five Realms series. Podkin is going to become chief of a warren rather than a king, but their attitude towards it is very similar.

Nala– the thing that always stands out to me about Nala is that she’s an incredibly strong woman, particularly in the remake. I’ve been trying for ages to think of a character she’d like, or rather trying to narrow it down to just one for ages. I’ve finally ended up going for Sorrow Ventaxis from the Sorrow duology. I don’t think you can really get much more of a strong female character, really.

Mufasa– if you’ve ever seen the Lion King, which I’m assuming you have if you’re reading this, you’ll be very familiar with the feeling of absolute dread you get leading up to Mufasa’s death. A book that gave me a very similar feeling was the Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware. I always knew something horrific was about to happen given the book starts off with the main character writing a letter from prison, and it was incredibly tense getting to that point.

Scar– so, I can’t think of any books about sibling rivalry/birth order dynamics with just two siblings, but I think both The Middler and All About Mia would be quite relatable for Scar, and maybe make him feel less alone in his problems/prevent him from trying to usurp a kingdom.

Timon/Pumbaa– I spent AGES trying to think of a bookish double act with a similar humour to these two, and I’ve finally settled on Stan and Doug from the House on Hoarder Hill. They serve a very similar purpose in the story to Timon and Pumbaa (giving advice/comic relief), and I think the recommendation would work!

Thank you so much for reading! Who’s your favourite character in the Lion King? What do you think of my book choices? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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    1. Thank you so, so much! They were one of my favourites to write a few years ago and I’m determined to bring them back! I think I did one for Disney Princesses and Disney Sidekicks, and maybe a few others too 😊 x

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